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News — 22 February, 2024

Call for Applications: DataCamp Donates x Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Scholarship

HOT is partnering with DataCamp Donates to provide free data education and recognize dedicated humanitarian open mapping contributors.

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) is pleased to announce a new partnership with DataCamp, an online learning platform for data and AI. DataCamp believes that education is a basic human right, and through their DataCamp Donates Program, they partner with organizations to distribute free data education for people looking for work, members of disadvantaged communities, students, and nonprofit research scientists, providing free professional access to their platform for one year to over 100+ organizations and counting.

The recipients of this scholarship will gain access to over 440 courses on the latest technologies, will be able to practice exercises to sharpen their skills, will have assessments to test their knowledge on the subject matter, and solve projects that stem from real-world queries. They will also get access to extra DataCamp features like Workspace, Certification, and Jobs.

HOT believes that this is a great opportunity for contributors, volunteers, community members, and partner organizations to:

  • Learn and gain tech and data science skills complementary to mapping
  • Contribute to volunteers’ professional growth and development
  • Build capacity in community and partner organizations
  • Provide insights on using OSM and geodata generation, e.g., data visualization.

Call for Applications is now open!

Apply through this form now until March 15th!

Selection Criteria

Selection of successful candidates will be based on the following criteria:

  • Active participation at HOT: HOT aims to recognize dedicated contributors in humanitarian open mapping and with our organization, so applicants will be evaluated for their participation in HOT projects and/or activities.
  • Current situation: DataCamp Donates seeks to distribute free data education for people who need it the most, such as people looking for work, members of disadvantaged communities, students, and nonprofit research scientists.
  • Personal goals and Motivational statement: The free DataCamp Donates scholarship lasts 6-12 months. Applicants will be asked about their personal and professional goals and will be evaluated by their motivational statement.

When applying for this scholarship, the form will ask about participation in HOT-related projects/activities, personal information, current situation (employment, student status, gender, age, among others), and commitment towards using the DataCamp free license. Please fill it out as honestly as possible. This will help us determine eligibility. After submitting the form, applicants will receive an email shortly after to confirm their submission.

Important Dates:

  • Open Call starts: 23 February
  • Open Call ends: 15 March
  • Review of application: 1 week
  • Notification of application results: 29 March
  • Duration of the Program: 6 months and so on

Apply now!