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News — 19 March, 2024

HOT OpenSummit 23-24 - Mid-Programme Update

The HOT OpenSummit is a creative programme of global event collaborations that leverages experience, passion, and connection to drive strong networks and collective action across the humanitarian open mapping movement. It was launched on August 31, 2023, with a virtual event that built upon the success of the HOT unSummit.

The HOT OpenSummit encompasses three event categories: conferences, open mapping contributions to third-party events, and community events. The program seeks to extend open mapping’s reach, promote open map data awareness, and facilitate collaboration and collective action within the open mapping community. It also aims to bring together communities, partners, collaborators, and supporters to learn, share, and connect.

What we have achieved so far Five months after the launch, we collaborated with and supported 11 events, which received funding of up to 62,632 USD and reached 2,688 participants. Below are some highlights from the events that have been part of the OpenSummit program.

OpenSummit Mid 2024 Stats-308405.png

Note that these figures are from 8 out of the 11 events that have completed their reports.

The opportunity to collaborate on OpenSummit events is still available. If you are planning a conference, community event, or intervention within a third-party event to introduce open mapping discussions to new or relevant audiences, we encourage you to submit your application. We are actively seeking to confirm events for 2024. Learn more and submit your application at If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for the OpenSummit program, check out the sponsorship deck and get in touch.

OpenSummit 2023 Map-871bbd.png

SotM Nigeria 2023

Location: Abuja, Nigeria (hybrid)
Date: 11-14 October 2023
Type: Conference
OpenSummit Collaboration: Event sponsorship ($5,000) and provision of OpenSummit Swag

The State of the Map Nigeria 2023 conference focused on challenges, opportunities, and perspectives for geospatial data infrastructure. This localized hybrid conference featured sessions to promote Open Mapping and the OpenStreetMap project. Participants engaged in lightning talks, paper presentations, training workshops, a Mapathon, a partners’ exhibition, and a stakeholders’ business forum.

The conference united individuals with diverse interests, from hobbyists to major stakeholders contributing to OpenStreetMap, making it a significant gathering for mapping innovation and collaboration. Attendees included representatives from academia, private companies, humanitarian organizations, government agencies, and the technology sector, fostering knowledge exchange and the advancement of map technology.

Victor Sunday, SotM Nigeria: “HOT’s support in funding the travel grant participants increased the event’s inclusivity and diversity. This collaboration significantly contributed to the success and impact of SoTM Nigeria 2023, ensuring a broader reach and meaningful participation from various individuals.”

SotM Nigeria Mid Report.png

FOSS4G & SotM Oceania

Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Date: 16 - 20 October 2023
Type: Conference
Collaboration: Event sponsorship ($3,600) and HOT representation

The combined FOSS4G + SOTM Oceania event brought together the open-source geospatial community in the region and served as a platform for discussing the wider project strategy, supporting tools, and sharing inspiring case studies. This regional event provided Oceania with a valuable link to global communities of developers and users, garnering support from both the OSGeo Foundation and the OpenStreetMap Foundation.

FOSS4G Mid Report.jpg

FOSS4G + SotM Oceania (OpenSummit 2023-24)

AbreLatam and ConDatos

Location: Montevideo, Uruguay
Date: 31 October - 03 November
Type: 3rd Party event
OpenSummit Collaboration: Event planning, support for community members to attend, and facilitation of community sessions.

AbreLatam/ConDatos 2023 featured active involvement from the OpenMapping Hub for Latin America and the Caribbean, integrating open mapping into the wider open data community. As a key organizing committee member, the Hub contributed substantially to shaping the event’s agenda and facilitating discussions on mapping-related subjects. Read more here.

ABRE LATAM Mid Report.jpg

AbreLatam ConDatos (OpenSummit 2023-24)

OSM Kerala Annual Meet

Location: Thrissur, India
Date: 04-05 November 2023
Type: Community Event
OpenSummit Collaboration: HOT Participation

The OSM Kerala Annual Meet brought together OSM enthusiasts, students, academicians, and policymakers from Kerala, offering a platform for insightful discussions and knowledge-sharing on OSM projects and applications. The event fostered volunteer collaboration, enabling them to forge connections, exchange experiences, and strengthen community ties. The community-building gathering served as a hub for enriching knowledge exchanges, granting attendees from across Kerala valuable insights into the diverse realm of OpenStreetMap.

Photo gallery.

OSM Kerala Mid Report.png

GIS Day Tanzania

Location: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Date: 15 - 16 November 2023
Type: Conference
OpenSummit Collaboration: Event sponsorship ($5,000) and OpenSummit Swag

GIS DAY 2023 in Dar es Salaam was a pivotal event centered on the convergence of geospatial technology, humanitarian endeavors, and sustainable development. Under the theme “Geospatial Technology for Sustainable Development,” the conference attracted diverse professionals, leaders, and enthusiasts from various sectors to delve into the transformative potential of open mapping and technological innovation. The event fostered cross-sector collaboration and facilitated knowledge exchange through engaging dialogues, panel discussions, presentations, showcases, and outreach activities. With a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusivity, GIS DAY actively contributed to shaping a more equitable and sustainable future within the open mapping community through geospatial technology.

Photo gallery.

Antidius Kawamala, GIS Day Tanzania: “The collaboration with HOT significantly enhanced our event, bringing strategic alignment, valuable expertise, and a broader network to our community.”

GIS Day Mid Report.jpg

FOSS4G Thailand & SotM Asia 2023

Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Date: 16 - 18 November 2023
Type: Conference
OpenSummit Collaboration: Event sponsorship ($5,000) and HOT representation

FOSS4G Thailand and State of The Map Asia 2023 convened OpenStreetMap contributors from across Asia and the Thai FOSS4G community around the theme “Geospatial Technology for Sustainable Development.” The gathering forged a network of collaborators and promoted a contributor mindset within the Thai community in alignment with the global OpenStreetMap community. Emphasizing the pivotal role of geospatial technology in driving sustainable development, the event spurred collaboration among contributors towards a collective impact.

Mishari Muqbil, FOSS4G Thailand & SoTM Asia 2023: “HOT’s presence and workshops provided invaluable knowledge to the community. The funding allowed us to raise the bar of the facility of the event.”

SotM Asia Mid Report.jpg

State of the Map Asia and FOSS4G Thailand (OpenSummit 2023-24)

Pista ng Mapa

Location: Manila, Philippines
Date: 21 - 23 November 2023
Type: Conference
OpenSummit Collaboration: Event sponsorship ($4,000) and HOT representation

Pista ng Mapa 2023 was a pivotal platform for knowledge exchange, spotlighting success stories in humanitarian open mapping efforts. Through talks, technical workshops, and panel discussions, the conference highlighted technologies and methodologies for addressing humanitarian challenges with open mapping to a diverse range of stakeholders. This collaborative atmosphere resulted in heightened support and resources for humanitarian open mapping projects.

Leigh Lunas, Pista ng Mapa 2023: “HOT’s unwavering support has been the backbone of our local community initiatives from the start. HOT’s financial assistance has made our event successful and empowered multiple groups and individuals to collaborate and connect with other members of the community. HOT’s meaningful participation has amplified our capacity to organize events that directly benefit and uplift our community, showcasing the profound impact that a strong partnership can have on fostering community well-being.”

Photo gallery.

Pacific GIS & Remote Sensing Conference

Location: Fiji
Date: 27 November - 01 December 2023
Type: Conference
OpenSummit Collaboration: Event sponsorship ($2,000)

The Pacific GIS & Remote Sensing Conference facilitated networking and partnership-building opportunities for Pacific Islanders with global practitioners. The conference fostered the exchange of best practices by showcasing innovative technologies and promoting knowledge and capacity development, advancing collaborative humanitarian open mapping activities and the open mapping movement. Through organized workshops, training sessions, hackathons, and mapathons, attendees gained proficiency in open-source mapping software, remote sensing techniques, and humanitarian mapping principles. These activities promoted collaboration and enhanced skill development within the community, creating a dynamic environment for exchanging knowledge and expertise.

Lanieta Rokotuiwakaya, Pacific GIS & Remote Sensing Council: “The sponsorship from HOT financed the 2023 PGRSC conference and networking social events. It boosted our events, especially financing the conference food and beverages throughout the week.”

Pacific GIS Mid Report.jpg


Location: Seoul, South Korea
Date: 28 November - 02 December 2023
Type: Conference
OpenSummit Collaboration: Event sponsorship ($1,000) and HOT participating

The FOSS4G-Asia 2023 Conference provided a comprehensive platform for individuals involved in various mapping-related fields, including developers, geomatics software users, decision-makers, researchers, and students, to learn, share experiences, and connect with GIS enthusiasts. In addition to discussions on open software, the conference strongly emphasised the importance of open data, mainly focusing on OpenStreetMap (OSM). FOSS4G-Asia actively promoted open data, OSM, and participatory initiatives like those led by the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT). It underscored a shared dedication to advancing open mapping initiatives and highlighting the critical role of data in the geospatial domain.

Photo gallery.

FOSS4G Asia Mid Report.jpg Sanghee Shin, FOSS4G Asia: “The HOT representative helped us organize the OSGeo-OSM Mapping party and HOT’s contribution helped a lot to prepare for the event.“

State of the Map Africa

Location: Mbankomo, Cameroon
Date: 30 November - 02 December 2023
Type: Conference
Collaboration: Event sponsorship ($15,000), Social Event sponsorship, HOT representation, and running the humanitarian track at the conference

State of the Map Africa 2023 (SotM Africa) was a vibrant celebration of the culture of open mapping, open data, and GIS, showcasing its profound impact across Africa. It fostered a revitalized, strong, and growing network within the global OpenStreetMap and Open GIS movement in Africa. The conference included sessions on humanitarian open mapping, covering case studies, challenges, innovations, and best practices. Notably, the organization of the conference exemplified collective action, with multiple organizations and OSM communities collaborating to bring the event to fruition.

Photo gallery.

SotM Africa Mid Report.jpg

SotM Ethiopia

Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Date: 15 - 16 December 2023
Type: Conference
Collaboration: Event sponsorship ($3,000) and HOT participation

The State of The Map Ethiopia conference brought together mapping enthusiasts, professionals, and stakeholders from across Ethiopia, serving as a platform for exchanging knowledge, experiences, and best practices in mapping and Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). The event showcased various sessions, including keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops, and networking events, fostering collaboration, innovation, and social impact. These sessions provided valuable insights, covering a wide range of topics related to mapping, such as community mapping, data visualization, disaster response, and sustainable development. Furthermore, the conference offered opportunities to showcase mapping projects, tools, and technologies, promoting engagement among fellow mappers and stakeholders.

SotM Ethiopia Mid Report.jpg

State of the Map Ethiopia (OpenSummit 2023-24)