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News — 26 June, 2020

#map2020 Results Announced

After reviewing all of the inspiring submissions, the HOT and Mapillary teams have chosen SIGenBici as the #map2020 project of the year.

Congratulations to SIGenBici, who have been selected as the #map2020 project of the year!

The #map2020 campaign is a collaborative effort between The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) and Mapillary that aims to leverage street-level imagery to solve humanitarian challenges. This year we focused on navigation and how people move around their city in low- and middle-income countries.

There were 28 groups participating in #map2020, and many contributed to the campaign by attending webinars, capturing street-level imagery, mapping in OpenStreetMap, and meeting with local stakeholders. Restrictions on movement imposed by COVID-19 have made it difficult to capture street-level images, but groups have been adaptable, mobilizing quickly to capture imagery when safe to do so and utilizing existing images on Mapillary.

There were many excellent projects, and we planned to select one team to share their work at the 2020 HOT Summit. We were particularly interested in projects that engaged communities and those that had clear, ongoing potential after #map2020.

Each project team shared their results as a final report which covered the data they collected, stakeholders they engaged, challenges they faced, impacts delivered, and the ongoing viability of the project. Of the 28 groups that participated in #map2020, eight submitted their final reports by the May 31st deadline and were considered for selection.

We’re happy to reveal that the selected project is SIGenBici from Medellín, Colombia. This project was led by Natalia Arruda and focused on mapping cycling infrastructure within the city. One thing that impressed us about this project was the close collaboration between the University of Antioquia, YouthMappers, and the cycling group SiCLas. Collaboration and engagement of stakeholders were fundamental criteria for us because it strengthens opportunities for this project to continue beyond the #map2020 initiative.

Thank you to everyone who took part. The projects that submitted their final reports uploaded more than 550,000 images to Mapillary and made 3,230 changesets on OpenStreetMap during #map2020.

For more information about the projects that took part, our selection criteria, or #map2020, please visit the Mapillary Towards Safer Transport #map2020 in 2020 blog post.