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News — 13 February, 2024

Tasking Manager: Insights from the NET Promoter Score Survey

Tasking Manager stands as a key solution in the realm of collaborative mapping, empowering users to contribute to meaningful projects on OpenStreetMap. As part of our commitment to continuous improvement of the tool, we conducted a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey at the end of December 2023 to delve into the sentiments and experiences of our Tasking Manager users. The invaluable feedback, received from 59 users globally, has opened a window into user satisfaction, areas of strength, and opportunities for enhancement.

Positive Sentiments

Community Engagement: Users applaud Tasking Manager for fostering a strong sense of community. Collaboration with fellow mappers is a key strength, emphasizing the platform’s role in building a vibrant mapping community.

Information Accessibility: Appreciation flows for the platform’s commitment to providing necessary information before mapping. Users commend the availability of good imagery, clear explanations, and the simplicity, stability, and effectiveness of Tasking Manager.

Ease of Use and Task Organization: Tasking Manager is praised for its simplicity, user-friendliness, and consistency. Users value the ability to split tasks and lock them once picked, as well as the organized presentation of tasks, recognizing their purpose and impact in humanitarian mapping.

Community Opportunities and Contribution to Humanitarian Causes: Users recognize the opportunities the tool offers for the gradual entry into mapping through a diverse range of projects, skill improvement, and collaborative mapping. Users express a sense of purpose in contributing to societal needs through their mapping efforts, particularly in humanitarian causes.

Tools and Features: Users appreciate the platform’s tools and features, such as visual editing, task locking, and project division, making mapping a smoother experience.

Improvement Areas

Documentation and Instructional Support: While users appreciate the platform’s simplicity, there’s a consistent call for better documentation, instructional support, and translation features.

User Authentication Processes: Requests are made for improvements in user authentication processes, with a specific consideration for beginners.

Training and Certification for Beginner Mappers: Users express a need for better documentation, training, and certification for those new to mapping, emphasizing a desire for continuous skill development.

Statistics and Analytics: Suggestions include improvements in statistics, precise timestamps, and enhanced analytics. Users seek better integration with other Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) tools and additional features for data analysis.

Development Roadmap Communication: There are calls for clearer communication regarding the development roadmap and presentation of search results.

Validation Tools: Requests are made for better validation tools and the incorporation of video tutorials for new users. Despite an overall positive vibe, users have shared a mix of thoughts about Tasking Manager. They appreciate its key role in humanitarian mapping, but there’s also some constructive feedback highlighting areas where we can step up the tool. It’s all part of the community’s commitment to keep improving and making Tasking Manager even better.

Introducing Downloadable OSM Data within Tasking Manager

In response to user feedback, Tasking Manager now lets users download OSM data for mapping areas. Each project features a dedicated Download OSM Data section, providing seamless access to pre-generated base map feature exports in GeoJSON, KML, and SHP formats.

Tasking Manager NPS 3.png

This enhancement aligns with user needs and takes inspiration from the flexibility offered by HOT’s Export Tool.

Upcoming Features

In our upcoming releases, get ready for near real-time data quality monitoring and the latest detailed statistics for buildings and highways, powered by ohsomeNow Stats. We believe these dynamic features will deliver more impact to the mapping world.

Our documentation is evolving, and we’re inviting your contributions! Share your insights on frequently asked questions about Tasking Manager. Your voice matters, and we can’t wait to build a richer, more collaborative resource together. Make sure to be a part of it!

For more details about our plans for 2024, see the product roadmap on GitHub. If you haven’t already, join the #tasking-manager Slack channel and our monthly HOT Tasking Manager Meet Up sessions (see calendar).