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Disaster Services — 12 June, 2023

Flooding in Esmeraldas, Ecuador, June 2023

Flooding in Esmeraldas, Ecuador Activation Stats:

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Activation lead by LAC hub in collaboration with the Disastre Management Agency of Ecuador

Context: On June 3, heavy rains were recorded in the provinces of Esmeraldas, resulting in the overflow of seven rivers in five local districts. The most affected areas include the districts of Atacames, Esmeraldas, Musine, Quinindé, and Rioverde. (OCHA, 9 June 2023)

June 7th

Size-up Details

Event Name:Ecuador: Floods - June 2023
GDACS Alert Lvl:NA
Geographic Scope: Region
Estimated Humanitarian Impact: 11000 people affected
Estimated Duration: weeks
Event Scope: Minor
Local Contacts: Ecuador Disaster Management Agency
Anticipated Needs: Basemap Improvement to Rivers, roads and buidlings
Request(s): LAC hub is coordinating with Ecuador’s disaster agency to create a base map that allows more accurate assessments of risk and expousure
Need for Activation: Likely
Active Orgs: Ecuador Disaster Management Agency
Lead Orgs: Open Mapping Hub LAC