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To update your profile, you have two methods:

  1. Edit via Github. You will need a Github account.

  2. Edit via Siteleaf. This is our content management tool for content writing and editing.

BEFORE YOU CAN EDIT: You need to have an account on Github or a SiteLeaf account (our content management tool for editing). Follow these instructions first if you want to edit via Siteleaf. For Github, make sure you have an account and then follow the instructions below.

Editing via Github

  • Navigate to

  • Select Edit this file. This will fork the project into your repo and you’ll be able to edit the markdown file directly.

    • Alt text
  • Make your edits within the file.

  • Create a pull request back to the main hotosm-website repo.

Editing via Siteleaf

  • Navigate to the People collection

  • Search and find your name, select to enter edit mode.

    • Alt text
  • Make edits within the bio section and other metadata.

    • Alt text