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Chad Blevins

Voting MemberChairperson - Quality Control and Assurance WG


Chad is a Geographer with U.S. Agency for International Development's GeoCenter. Among his many contributions to USAID's work in fighting extreme poverty, Chad has been instrumental in developing the Agency's Remote Sensing Program and co-founded YouthMappers, which seeks to map unmapped parts of the world while building a network of university student mappers across the globe. Chad has also pioneered the use of open geographic data at USAID in support of programs in agriculture, education, health and disaster preparedness. Through his leadership on the Remote Sensing Program, Chad has transformed the way the Agency uses satellite imagery to improve monitoring, analysis and decision-making. In addition to his leadership at USAID, Chad is an active volunteer in the global open mapping community and coordinates projects around the world. Prior to joining the GeoCenter, Chad supported USAID’s Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance where he focused on applying new methods and geo-technology to support disaster response and risk reduction programs.


Board Election Results from the 2021 Annual Meeting

Thursday, 7 October, at HOT's Annual General Meeting, the HOT Voting Membership elected 5 members to the Board of Directors, 1 new Voting Membership Chairperson, and approved 4 amendments to the organization's Bylaws.

8 October, 2021

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