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Cristiano Giovando

StaffVoting MemberSenior Technical Product Owner - Imagery Services


Technical project manager leading the development of Open Aerial Map (OAM), an open source repository of aerial and satellite imagery.


Call For Participation: Crowdsourced Damage Assessment

Through a research collaboration with Stanford University and other partners, HOT is launching three formal research experiments on crowdsourced damage assessment and is seeking...

28 June, 2017

Rapid Mapping of Damage Extent after a Disaster

Last week I posted an update from Robert Soden about a research project that HOT is conducting on assessing levels of damage after a...

3 May, 2017

HOT Research Partnership on Crowdsourced Damage Assessment

HOT is partnering with the Stanford Urban Resilience Initiative (SURI), the World Bank’s Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR), Heidelberg University, and...

26 April, 2017

Supporting Humanitarian Response with Better Imagery Coordination

Pre- and post-disaster satellite imagery is a critical resource for HOT and many humanitarian response organizations. Coordination of imagery acquisition, processing and sharing in...

23 November, 2016

Improving Resilience with Aerial Imagery

Earlier this month Nate and I went to Suva to lead the kickoff meeting of the Pacific Drone Imagery Dashboard (PacDID) project funded by...

15 August, 2016

HOT Launches New PacDID Drone Imagery Project

Earlier this month HOT launched the new Pacific Drone Imagery Dashboard (PacDID) project to support aerial imagery use in Pacific island communities. In places...

21 July, 2016

Explore How the World is Mapped with OSM Analytics

Today we are launching OSM Analytics, a platform for exploring and analyzing OpenStreetMap data. With the current database growing to almost 50 gigabytes, and thousands of features added every day, OSM is officially entering the big data league.

28 April, 2016

OSM Data Analysis Tool Development Kicks Off!

Last week in Washington DC, HOT kicked off work to develop a prototype tool for OSM data analysis. With generous support from the Knight...

10 March, 2016

200 Kids Map Swaziland for Malaria Elimination

On Thursday, March 3rd 2016, a world-record humanitarian mapathon took place at Politecnico di Milano in northern Italy.  Two-hundred and twelve 10-year old children from...

9 March, 2016

Small UAS for Humanitarian Mapping

Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS), also known as drones or UAVs, are revolutionizing the way we do remote sensing and aerial imaging.  With less...

13 August, 2015

OAM Adds Dynamic Filtering, Upload Tools Coming Soon

During the recent Nepal earthquakes, digital humanitarians were suddenly flooded with data, a lot of data, especially aerial imagery collected with satellites and small...

24 July, 2015

OpenAerialMap Beta Goes Live

We are very excited to introduce the first release of OpenAerialMap! The current image catalog is still in beta but gives an insight of...

29 May, 2015

Processing Fresh Imagery for Nepal Earthquake Response

We are heads down on processing imagery from DigitalGlobe, Airbus and other major satellite providers to aid the Nepal earthquake response. So far, we have processed and made available over 3,000 square kilometers of updated imagery!

29 April, 2015

Updates from the OpenAerialMap Project

Aerial imagery today is available from a variety of sources including traditional satellites, nano satellites, manned and unmanned aircrafts, mapping drones, balloons and kites....

26 February, 2015

OpenAerialMapv2 - Design Phase Update

We wanted to provide you with an update of the next phase of the OpenAerialMap Project. Hopefully you have already read the Kick Off...

2 June, 2022

OpenAerialMapv2 - Design Testing Phase Results

It's time to share the progress of the OpenAerialMap redesign project again. In previous reports, you could read about the Project Kick-Off and the Design Phase. In June, the Kontur team involved users in the testing phase of the updated design of OAM.

19 July, 2022

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