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Emilio Mariscal

StaffSenior Technical Product Owner


Emilio (Emi) has 20+ years of experience working on software design & development. He is currently serving as Senior Engineer/Developer @ HOT.

He worked in the private sector for a long time, designing and coding user interfaces and then software for the health care industry. He also worked with geospatial data, body movement analysis using AI tools, and both creating and implementing free software tools.

Emi is a volunteer firefighter in a rural town in Argentina, where he works mostly on wildfires, forest protection, wildland rescue and mapping.

Languages: Spanish, English, JavaScript, Python, C++.


Training Open Mapping Tech for Wildfires in Córdoba, Argentina: Workshop in Unión de Los Ríos

On April 1 2024, we did a workshop called “Open Mapping for Inclusive and Sustainable Development. Mapping Tech in Wildland Areas: Forest Fires Edition” in Unión de Los Ríos, Córdoba, Argentina.

13 May, 2024

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