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Erick Mnyali

Voting Member


My name is Erick Tamba Mnyali, YouthMappers Regional Ambassador (2021/2022 and 2023/2024), National Focal Point (Tanzania) for United Federation of Youth for water and climate (UN1FY), UN Youth Fellow 2023 and the co-founder and executive Director of GeoTE Tanzania, a non-governmental organization aimed at utilizing geospatial technology to help address sustainable development goals.

I was first involved with HOT through the YouthMappers program and Resilience Academy industrial training in the year 2019. Being a YouthMappers member, my journey with HOT started by volunteering in mapping projects in the tasking manager and later advanced my mapping skills and currently helping with data quality as HOT Global Validator. Also, through HOT, I have learned not only being a volunteer but also gained experience on working with stakeholders to address developmental challenges that serve vulnerable communities.

As a voting member, I dream of seeing a network of team players among youth who are focused on finding solutions for their communities by giving out insights and educating their local community through capacity development and mentorship programs. I carry an important responsibility in supporting working groups to help bridge gaps that ensure maximum participation and inclusiveness of the open mapping communities with HOT, especially youth.


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