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Ivan Buendía Gayton

StaffSenior Humanitarian Advisor


Ivan Buendía Gayton works at the nexus of humanitarianism, technology, and human rights. Prior to joining HOT in 2017, he worked for fifteen years with Médecins Sans Frontières in various capacities including Head of Mission, field logistician, Humanitarian Affairs Officer, and GIS and Technological Innovation Advisor, and served on the board of directors of MSF-Canada. He co-founded the Missing Maps project, worked on medical records for Ebola, and created the MapSwipe mobile mapping application. He is an advocate of Free Software, and considers it critical to racial justice and equity, particularly in the aid sector, and believes that “local people, local devices, and open knowledge” are key to effective humanitarian tech and inclusion. He works on local manufacturing of drones in low-income settings, and low-cost, high-precision surveying for community and smallholder land rights.


Field Mapping is the Future: A Tasking Manager Workflow Using ODK (available in English, Spanish, Portuguese & French)

Field mapping by local people is key to the future of open mapping. However, the tools available for field mapping—despite many being of high quality—do not form a coherent ecosystem to unleash the potential of community field mapping. Something is missing! Could it be a Tasking Manager for Field Mapping?

24 August, 2022

La cartographie en situation de conflit

Des événements et des expériences récentes, dont les événements survenus l'an dernier en Afghanistan et la guerre en Ukraine, ont incité HOT - et l'ensemble de la communauté de cartographie humanitaire - à réexaminer ce qui peut être fait dans le context de OpenStreetMap, sur le plan éthique et pratique, pour aider les populations touchées par des conflits.

9 May, 2022

Mapping in Conflict

Recent events and experiences, including last year’s developments in Afghanistan and the war in Ukraine, have prompted HOT—and the wider humanitarian mapping community—to revisit what can be ethically and practically done to help people caught in conflict within the context of OSM.

9 May, 2022

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