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Jaakko Helleranta

Voting Member


Jaakko is native Finn and a consultant on geo things and using technology in the field and considers himself a mapping generalist. He is passionate about the possibility of OpenStreetMap, Open Data, Open Source tools and the general Open Paradigm helping level the global playing field. He has worked with international development for over ten years. Jaakko got more involved with OpenStreetMap and HOT in the response to the Haiti earthquake of 2010 and ended up living in Haiti for three years. He is currently based in Nicaragua. He contributes to OSM under username jaakkoh.


Mikel Maron Chosen as a Presidential Innovation Fellow

On behalf of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team I am pleased to congratulate Mikel Maron for his new role as a Presidential Innovation Fellow at...

15 September, 2014

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