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Kuo-Yu "slayer" Chuang

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Kuo-Yu Chuang (a.k.a. slayer) disaster response with ICT for years. He enjoys working with the communities as crisis mapper, data contributor, and tech service provider. He worked with international standardization organizations (OGC and ITU) for open standards, takes participation in UN initiatives (UN GGIM and UN Open GIS) for potential regional information coordination, teams up with NGO/GOV for disaster relief using ICT, and facilitates GIS technologies for the local communities against disasters. He is the co-founder of GeoThings, a Taiwan based software company, working on information collection and coordination for various stakeholders in response to emergency and disaster. With the enthusiasm for Information, Communication, and Geospatial Technologies, he keeps the software development going as a tool/assistant to humanitarian activities and believes that the “Humanitarian ICT” will play an important role in pre-/in-/post-disaster situations.


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