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Michael Heißmeier

Voting MemberChairperson - Training Working Group


I started mapping for HOT in late 2012 through projects on the Tasking Manager. After having acquired more skills I started with validation and soon recognized the need for quality assurance, training and documentation. So I joined the Training Working Group which in all those years was led by Nick Allen. Now as his successor on the chair of this working group I try to keep up his good work. Our main reading material is LearnOSM, a compilation of guides on various aspects of OpenStreetMap which is at least partly available in many languages. More recently we held webinars on mapping with JOSM which are available on the HOT Youtube channel (search for JOSM webinar).

I have been interested in maps for many years before. Finding a way how to produce near-print-quality maps of areas where hardly anything is commercially available brought me in touch with OpenStreetMap. You can see a few examples of this on my wiki page.


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