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Rabi Shrestha

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Rabi is a freshly graduated Geomatics Engineer from Kathmandu University, Nepal. He is a person with extreme desire & determination to learn, work & succeed. He is also HOT Micrograntee 2021, HOT Data Quality Intern 2021, an alumni of YouthMappers, an active volunteer at HOT, UN Mapper and has also worked as a secretary at Geomatics Engineering Society for the year 2019/20. Currently he is working as executive member of Nepal Geomatics Engineering Society. (NGES).

His fields of interest are Geographic Information System(GIS), Cartography, Surveying, Database Management, Land use planning, Open Mapping, Remote Sensing and other fields related to Geospatial domain. He is also a member & Voting member of OpenStreetMap Foundation(OSMF). He advocates for open data and also holds the record for continuing OSM Streak for 420 days in a row.

I have been contributing on open data and mapping since 2018. After years of mapping experience in 44 countries, I was interested in validating as well. I became member of HOT Global Validator, Validator trainee, MSF Validators, UN Mapper and also project creating role in Geomatics Engineering Society(GES). I have been actively involved in mapping and validating on several projects that contributes for pre and post disaster assessment, poverty alleviation and the projects which supports sustainable development goals. I have been mapping in Nepal almost every day since 2019 and during my HOT Data quality internship, I mostly mapped Zambia to support local impact governance activities. And after this internship as well, I am happily contributing almost everyday for various projects all over the world. For more about my contribution and OSM journey, please refer to this Youthmappers blog:

More links to my project contribution: 1) 2)


Reflections and experiences of HOT Data Quality Intern 2021, Rabi Shrestha

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8 September, 2022

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