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Shoaib Burq

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Shoaib has been working at the intersection of geospatial technology and humanitarian work through most of his professional career. In the aftermath of 2009 Black Saturday Bushfires in Australia he was awarded the National Emergency Medal for his work as a coordinator on the mapping and GIS team. In 2011 he moved from Australia to Berlin where he founded a startup focused on rapid deployment of PostGIS and other open source geospatial tools to the cloud. In 2015 this startup was acquired by an open source consultancy. Since April 2022 he serves as Vice President on the HOT Board.

He is a hands-on CTO at Geografia Pty Ltd. He also advises startups and helps them develop their tech and business strategy. When he’s not coding or drawing up geospatial data pipelines and architectures you will find him playing the Sarod (an Indian classical instrument), or taking a walk with his partner and their dog, Dr Fokster, on the streets of Berlin.


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