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Women and Girls in Mapping




The Women and Girls in Mapping project is aimed at including greater female participation across the global OpenStreetMap community.

Participants in this project have committed themselves to include more women and girls in the OpenStreetMap community and have committed to doing more mapping that supports women and girls world wide.

Anyone can be a part of this project by including this project on their personal HOT Member page and/or including an "I support women in OSM Userbox" on their OSM Wiki personal page.

If you are interested in supporting women and girls through mapping, there is an OSM Wiki page dedicated to mapping and tagging in support of women and girls. To quote that wiki page: "Mapping in support of women and girls is exactly the same as mapping in general with one important difference: The mapper keeps in mind that many issues disproportionately affect women and girls and even a few issues are relevant to women and girls only."

The other part of this project is dedicated to including more women and girls in the OSM community, as mappers, technical contributors, and/or community builders. How you do this is up to you, but it is important that you recognize that women and girls participate in online technical communities significantly less than men. The OSM community is no exception and that is to OSM's detriment. By reaching out to women and girls and making sure our community is a safe space for everyone to contribute, our community is stronger and OSM becomes an even more important world wide resource. HOT Member, Trudy Hope wrote a wonderful article about the importance of women in mapping for IWD 2017.

In celebration of women and girls around the world, we encourage you to #BeBoldForChange, join this project and commit to its goals!