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Blake Girardot

Voting Member


Blake Girardot is an open source software and open data enthusiast with a special love for humanitarian and crisis mapping. He served HOT in several positions: first, as President of the Board of Directors and then as project lead for HOT's Tasking Manager version 3 software development. He spends his days organizing and supporting crowd based collaborative mapping projects around the world and promoting the use of open source mapping tools and open geo data.


New Tasking Manager 3 Coming Today!

After several months of development work and 20,000+ lines of new code, the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team is pleased to announce the next generation of our venerable OSM Tasking Manager software is about to be launched. The new version of the Tasking Manager software will be rolled out to the main HOT servers in the next several days, but you can get an introduction and preview of it now.

18 October, 2017

OSM Tasking Manager 3 Project Update #1

Development on the next major version of HOT's OSM Tasking Manager software is going strong. A lot has happened so let us catch up!...

6 March, 2017

HOT's OSM Tasking Manager 3.0 Development Kick-Off!!

Dear Friends,Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT)  is leading a community focused software development project to design, specify, develop and release the next generation of its...

1 December, 2016

HOT's OSM Tasking Manager 3.0 Tech Challenge

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) is seeking proposals for the design and implementation of the next generation of its OSM Tasking Manager2 (TM2) software.

1 December, 2016

Sri Lanka Floods Activation: Sitrep Day 1

Hi all, ~24 hours ago HOT activated in support of the Disaster Management Centre of Sri Lanka. We were requested to generate building information...

20 May, 2016

Mapping in Mozambique to Help Reduce Child Mortality

Mozambique is a country of 25 million people on the east coast of Africa, often beset by natural disasters ranging from severe drought to...

19 February, 2016

Updates and info on HOT's Hurricane Patricia mapping from the Activation Team

HOT, en coordinación con la comunidad mexicana de OSM, ha sido activada durante los dos últimos días, atendiendo al progreso del huracán y mapeando las áreas vulnerables en su camino. Tenemos dos tareas de mapeado abiertas en el OSM Tasking Manager ( una tarea que cubre las áreas costeras en el camino del huracán, y una tarea tierra adentro. No anticipamos abrir tareas adicionales, pero estamos monitorizando la situación en caso de que deslaves, inundaciones, u otros peligros posteriores al huracán generen situaciones humanitarias en las que podamos contribuir.

25 October, 2015

Taller de Mapeo Humanitario – Isla de León, Colombia

Para celebrar el Open Data Day, se organizó por parte de TECHO,la Universidad de San Buenaventura (seccional de Cartagena) y con el apoyo de...

6 March, 2015

People we can count on: Thank you again Lokku!

 As a small non-profit taking on a very big job, HOT relies on a lot of people to help us accomplish our mission of...

21 January, 2015