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News — 21 January, 2015

People we can count on: Thank you again Lokku!

 As a small non-profit taking on a very big job, HOT relies on a lot of people to help us accomplish our mission of bringing the principles of open data and world wide collaboration to humanitarian response and community empowerment. Day in and day out HOT only succeeds through the efforts of volunteers around the world and the support of our donors who literally keep the lights on, the servers running and enable us to work on the ground teaching and learning from local community members in the world's most vulnerable places.
But days turn in to years and there is no more valuable supporter than one who stands with you for the long run. HOT is very lucky to count Lokku Ltd. among our long term donors.

As supporters of HOT since our founding the folks at Lokku have been donating on behalf of their clients during the holiday season every year since 2011. They set a high bar for us back then when they wrote: "...we believe [HOT] has the potential to improve the lives of millions," and HOT volunteers work every day of the year to live up to their expectations, but we wouldn't have a chance without donors like Lokku.

Lokku had a great year in 2014 and with their generous donation HOT can look forward to a great year in 2015. It is nice to know HOT has the support of people we can count on for the long haul. Thank you again Lokku!

By the way, if you are in the icons.pops.sage area (also known as 82 Clerkenwell Rd., London) you might be interested in the Lokku organized meetup for location based service developers called #geomob. January's list of speakers looked great, and the next event on March 19th looks to be just as interesting.

Lokku Ltd