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News — 04 November, 2015

Old Export Tool Moving to HOT Servers as Read-Only Copy


As the new Export Tool has been successfully rolled out, the earlier version is to be switched off as it is held on the GeoFabrik servers and we will no longer be enlisting their generous services. We will create a read-only version of the old Export Tool and host it on the HOT servers alongside the new Export Tool.

The read-only version will be a web interface hosted with a copy of the database, but there will not be any further data updates and although new jobs may be created they will not be executed. The change will take place this coming Monday on the 9th November, so please be prepared to start using the new Export Tool for the creation of future exports with up-to-date data.
We are aware that this may be inconvenient for those that would like to continue using the transform and translation functionality, which is not currently offered in the new tool. Please be patient till it is possible for these features to be added. In the meantime I would like to suggest the use of external GIS software such as QGIS
 to perform these tasks.