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News — 23 October, 2018

Hacktoberfest Update: Tasking Manager Improvements and More

Hacktoberfest has been a great success and has helped support many of our core open source projects. Check out the progress and continue to get involved during the last week of the month.

We’re three weeks into Hacktoberfest and we’ve had an incredible number of contributions this month. Support has come through on issues related to usability and experience, performance, and general bug fixes. A huge thank you to everyone involved! There is a week left in October and if you haven’t participated yet, here are several areas to get involved. Join in on the month of supporting open source projects!

Priority areas to get involved

Tasking Manager

We’ve labeled high priority and good first time contributions in the issue queue on the Tasking Manager repository. Here are a few areas where you can get started immediately and not all of it is about contributing code. We need users to want to test new features.

  • Translations (new translations and reviewing existing #1218)

  • Improving the onboarding experience. Alert users to missing information (#1243), and creating a onboarding modal (#1244).

  • Testing and review (read more below and get on Slack to support)

Other projects to get involved in

Along with the Tasking Manager, we have a number of other projects for anyone to get involved.

Tasking Manager Testing and Review

Contributing code isn’t the only way to support during Hacktoberfest. A number of new features and layouts Among the updates we’re opening up to feedback and testing:

  1. History listing on project summary and specific task pages. Successive events from the same person are clustered together and each event displays a color-coding similar to the task state on the map. Many thanks go to Neil Rotstan for this update that improves readability. Jump to to test.

  2. Mapping tab button rearrangement. The actions users can take to stop or complete mapping have been rearranged to improve usability and help users understand what action should be taken. We’ve separated the buttons to make it more clear what actions should be taken and how to stop or complete mapping a task. Jump to to test.

  3. Translations. We need people to review the existing translations and offer any new translations. You can get started on this via Transifex.

I encourage you to check out these specific changes (and more) on the test TM instance at and provide any feedback you have about this feature. We are reaching out specifically about this change because it marks the start of more changes in the future and we welcome feedback in this process. For other issues, please continue to file reports on the GitHub repo at Many of the outstanding issues have been resolved or are being worked on by our influx of volunteers.

Thank you to the following contributors! @dkocich, @nrotstan, @smit1678, @Thrazadin, @Akshit312, @marlenealv, @jillhkm, @lesserj, @jonyeezs, @ernoma, @Hulios, @PierrePIRONIN, @stufinn, @hunt3ri, @AndreasHae, @hugovk, @dakotabenjamin, @ramyaragupathy, @ethan-nelson

Read more about the latest release and all that was contributed on pull request #1245. Have more questions? Get on our #developers channel on Slack.