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News — 02 July, 2023

HOT's Data Quality Strategy Open for Comment

Offer your feedback on the draft of HOT's data quality strategy!

For the past few months, HOT’s Data team has been working together with the the community QC&A working group, other teams at HOT, and Open Mapping Regional Hubs on strategic efforts to improve the quality of OpenStreetMap data contribution. As a recap, some of these efforts include:

  • Thinking about how we can define data quality in a workshop during the 2022 State of the map in Florence, data quality metrics & use cases, and defining the data models.
  • The Data team has been working with the Technology & Innovation Team to implement live data quality reporting to track semantic and positional data quality issues from remote mapping projects in the Tasking Manager. The tool will be integrated into the Tasking Manager for all users and we would like to seek your feedback on the directional development of the tool. Please give us feedback via Github discussion on what you think about the proposed tool, its functionalities, pros and cons.
  • The open mapping regional hubs have developed their own localized data quality approaches. These provide a localized guidance and and strategic directions focusing on improving the quality of contribution within the specific regions. Please see and read the Open Mapping Hub Asia Pacific, the Eastern & Southern Africa Hub, and the West & Northern Africa Hub approach to data quality on the OSM wiki.

We have also developed the HOT global data quality strategy that aims at establishing a cohesive strategy across HOT teams, Working Groups, and Voting Members to ensure all data created through initiatives in priority regions is of good quality and conforms to the data principles of open access, usability, inclusive and ethical.

Click here to read the HOT data quality strategy.

The HOT data quality strategy has been developed with internal consultations and team engagements with representatives from the external community from the Quality Control & Assurance working group. As we think this is also interesting to understand for the wider OSM community,, we are making it available publicly as the intention of the strategy is to help improve the quality of OpenStreetMap data which is contributed to by the public.

As a way of getting everyone involved in the process of improving quality, we are calling on to the wider OpenStreetMap Community seeking your feedback and suggestions on how we can improve our data quality strategy. The HOT Data quality strategy is a work in progress, and we welcome feedback in the form of comments, and or suggestions. Feel free to share your feedback via email to Or join us on the Quality Control & Assurance Working Group Meetings. You can also reach out to the Quality Control Working Group via HOT Slack Channel #quality-control_wg.