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YouthMappers ‘Mapping to End Malaria’ Challenge: Round 3 Results

The third and final round of the YouthMappers challenge has concluded. In round three, we had 13 Universities participate, bringing the total for all...

Russell Deffner - 12 June, 2017


Collaborating with IOM, the UN Migration Agency, on OpenStreetMap

The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) has recently signed a cooperation agreement with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the UN's Migration Agency. This new...

Nate Smith - 9 June, 2017


LEGIT Team Completes Field Mapping in Zwedru City

Zwedru was the first of three cities that we are working to map in Liberia with DAI for the Liberia Local Empowerment for Government...

Jess Beutler - 5 June, 2017


LEGIT Kicks off Field Mapping with Training in Monrovia

In collaboration withDAI, HOT is currently working in Liberia to help put communities on the map. As part of the Liberia Local Empowerment for...

David Luswata - 25 May, 2017


Organized, distributed OpenStreetMap field mapping

One month ago we held a community chat about developing a new application to support OpenStreetMap field mapping. Our chat focused on getting input...

Nate Smith - 24 May, 2017


InAWARE Mapping Project Moves from Surabaya to Jakarta

After a successful round of mapping Surabaya’s infrastructures in three months, the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) Indonesia relocates to the country’s capital, Jakarta. Continuing...

Biondi Sanda Sima - 22 May, 2017


5,600,000 map edits to Eliminate Malaria

Malaria is a preventable and treatable infectious disease transmitted by mosquitoes that kills more than one million people each year, most of them in...

Geoffrey Kateregga - 19 May, 2017


OpenStreetMap on the Humanitarian Data Exchange

The Export Tool is now pushing customised OpenStreetMap (OSM) data through to the Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX) platform. Buildings, points of interest, roads and waterways datasets for the countries of Senegal, Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Mali are now available as SHP, GPKG, IMG and KML files. The integration tool, nicknamed OSM2HDX has the ability to automate data updates at set intervals and allows the administrators to select any country for export.

Mhairi O'Hara - 19 May, 2017


2017 HOT Board Roles

HOT’s new board met for the first time to establish roles and set the agenda for the year. Please congratulate:

Rachel VanNice - 8 May, 2017


YouthMappers ‘Mapping to End Malaria’ Challenge: Round 2 Results

Over 200 students at 13 universities participated in the second round of the YouthMappers ‘Mapping to end Malaria’ Challenge. Together, they mapped almost 400,000 buildings in Zimbabwe. Thank you to all the chapters who participated!

Russell Deffner - 8 May, 2017


Gulu Mapathon and Partnerships

  As Uganda deals with an influx of refugees from South Sudan and neighbouring countries, many responders including UNHCR implementing partners, the Ugandan Government,...

Douglas Ssebaggala - 5 May, 2017


Rapid Mapping of Damage Extent after a Disaster

Last week I posted an update from Robert Soden about a research project that HOT is conducting on assessing levels of damage after a...

Cristiano Giovando - 3 May, 2017


Cyclone Enawo Response - Madagascar

Matthew Gibb - 29 April, 2017


Branching out Manpower to Mapping 136 Priority Areas in Indonesia through Training of Trainers (ToT)

As we wrote earlier, Indonesia’s disaster management agency is taking on a quantum leap this year, setting up on the creation of contingency planning for all the 136 priority cities/districts in Indonesia. Managing risks and safeguarding all economic and development hubs in the country is not an easy task, but a necessary one.

Biondi Sanda Sima - 27 April, 2017


HOT Research Partnership on Crowdsourced Damage Assessment

HOT is partnering with the Stanford Urban Resilience Initiative (SURI), the World Bank’s Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR), Heidelberg University, and...

Cristiano Giovando - 26 April, 2017