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Disaster Services — 10 November, 2020

Tropical Cyclone Rolly/Goni Response

Tropical Cyclone Rolly/Goni Activation Stats:

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Hot supported MapBecks to map areas affected by Rolly and Ulysses


“On the evening of 27 October, a tropical depression developed over the Western Pacific Ocean, Northwest of Guam. Once inside the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR) it will be given local name “Rolly” (GONI). As per the Philippines Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) bulletin at 11.00 am today (29 Oct), GONI had intensified into a severe tropical storm while moving westward, with a maximum sustained winds of 95 km/h near the center and gustiness of up to 115 km/h. It is forecast to enter the eastern boundary of the PAR this afternoon or evening. It is forecast to move generally westward by Saturday evening, then west-northwestward by Sunday as it moves towards Quezon - Aurora area before making landfall on Sunday morning, November 1. It is forecast to reach typhoon category within 24 hours and will continue to intensify while moving over the Philippine Sea. As it moves towards eastern sections of Central Luzon (Region III) and Southern Luzon (Region IVa, Region V), it may bring heavy rains over those areas starting this Friday.”

Philippine Red Cross (PRC)

Size-up Details

Event Name: Tropical Cyclone Goni (International Name)
Type ofEvent: Slow Onset (days before impact)
Location: Western Pacific
Geographic Scope: Multiple Countries (Philippines and Vietnam)
Estimated Humanitarian Impact: 3.5 Million impacted by Category 1 or Higher
Estimated Duration: Days to Weeks
Event Scope: Minor to Moderate Anticipated Needs: Although this has a higher threat to people than TC Molave, it will also cross the more mapped area of the Philippines. Some basemap may still be needed.
Local Contacts: OSM PH
Request(s): None Yet
HOT Current Capacity: Current capacity to initiate a response is good
Need for Activation: Low to Moderate

Response Details

MapBecks coordinated the mapping of the following areas:



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