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Disaster Services — 30 October, 2023

Hurricane Otis 2023 Response

Activation led by HOT's Open Mapping Hub for Latin America and the Caribbean following the landfall of Hurricane Otis in Mexico in October 2023.

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Context of the Activation:

Hurricane Otis caused at least 27 deaths and severe damage when it struck the coast of the city of Acapulco, Mexico, as a Category 5. It is one of the fastest intensifying tropical cyclones on record, second only in the current era to Hurricane Patricia in 2015. While the authorities organize the action strategy on site, and post-disaster images are being produced, we are mapping the area of greatest impact around the city of Acapulco: buildings and roads. This project is organized by HOT’s LAC Hub in articulation with CENAPRED. The mapping strategy will follow this collaboration.