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Charles Chilufya

Voting Member


I am a Qualified Records and Archivist manager, Information Specialist, GIS analyst, and OSM trainer as well as a Mapper and Validator. I am the co-founder of Local Knowledge Mappers in Zambia and Chairperson. One thing I know for sure is that I cannot directly influence the decision-makers in my community. However, I am fortunate to be naturally passionate about open mapping, humanitarian, governance, and Technology. What drives me is the ability to indirectly influence policymakers by providing them with relevant data that results from mapping, which can lead to decisions that benefit many communities.


Mentoría entre pares: compartir técnicas e inspiración

El Grupo de Trabajo de la Comunidad de Mapeo Abierto actualmente está organizando la segunda ronda de su programa de mentoría entre pares. Lee sobre los aprendizajes compartidos por los miembros de la primera ronda y descubre el valor de esta oportunidad para los miembros de la comunidad de mapeo abierto.

15 April, 2023

Peer Mentorship - Sharing Techniques and Inspirations

The Open Mapping Community Working Group is currently organizing the second round of its peer-to-peer mentorship program. To appreciate the value of this opportunity for members of the open mapping community, take a moment to read about the shared learnings of members of the first round.

14 April, 2023

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