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Mariana Marín

StaffSenior Communications Strategist - Latin America and Caribbean Hub


Mar is the Senior Communications Strategist at HOT’s Latin America and the Caribbean Hub, bringing with her over 6 years of experience in regional and global communication.

A digital activist hailing from the central region of México, Querétaro, Mar’s professional journey has seen her navigate the fields of the public and private sectors, academia, and civil society. She has spearheaded social projects encompassing civic technology, peace culture, education, citizen participation, gender equality, and cybersecurity. Notable collaborations include Code for All, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), and the Mozilla Festival.

Equipped with a BA in International Relations, Mar boasts two minors in Peace and Conflict Studies (Tec de Monterrey) and Feminist Communications (Claustro de Sor Juana University), offering a comprehensive foundation to complement her hands-on expertise.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Mar finds solace in nature, considering hiking and communing with trees as therapeutic. She is also engaged in the art of getting lost in every city she visits, discovering new corners, and unravelling untold stories hidden within the ordinary.


El Impacto del Mapeo Humanitario Colaborativo en la Preparación para Desastres en Ecuador

El mapeo humanitario colaborativo mejora la gestión del riesgo en América Latina y el Caribe, como demostró la rápida respuesta ante las inundaciones en Esmeraldas, Ecuador. La colaboración y los datos abiertos fueron clave para decisiones informadas y eficaces.

18 June, 2024

The Impact of Collaborative Humanitarian Mapping on Disaster Preparedness in Ecuador

Collaborative humanitarian mapping enhances risk management in Latin America and the Caribbean, as demonstrated by the rapid response to the floods in Esmeraldas, Ecuador. Collaboration and open data were key to making informed and effective decisions.

18 June, 2024

O Impacto do Mapeamento Humanitário Colaborativo na Preparação para Desastres no Equador

O mapeamento humanitário colaborativo aprimora a gestão de riscos na América Latina e no Caribe, como demonstrado pela rápida resposta às enchentes em Esmeraldas, Equador. A colaboração e os dados abertos foram fundamentais para tomar decisões informadas e eficazes.

18 June, 2024

Meet the Women-Led Mapping Group Enabling Quilombola Communities in the Amazon Through Open Mapping

Meninas da Geo, a women-led mapping group, is enabling Quilombola communities in the Amazon through open mapping. Learn how participatory mapping is strengthening their land rights, promoting sustainable practices, and preserving cultural heritage amidst industrial pressures in Moju-PA, Brazil.

2 June, 2024

Mapeando a Cultura Andina: Uma Jornada Através do Linderaje em Cusco

As pessoas docentes da GAL School em Cusco, Peru, utilizam ferramentas de mapeamento aberto para documentar e preservar tradições como o linderaje, fundindo tecnologia com práticas ancestrais. Através do programa Open Mapping for All, docentes e estudantes empregam tecnologias de empoderamento e participação, fortalecendo assim a educação e a identidade comunitária.

28 May, 2024

Mapping Andean Culture: A Journey Through Linderaje in Cusco

Teachers at GAL School in Cusco, Peru use open mapping tools to document and preserve traditions such as linderaje, merging technology with ancestral practices. Through the Open Mapping for All program, teachers and students employ empowerment and participation technologies, thereby strengthening education and community identity.

28 May, 2024

Mapeando la Cultura Andina: Un Viaje a Través del Linderaje en Cusco

Los docentes de la GAL School en Cusco, Perú utilizan herramientas de mapeo abierto para documentar y preservar tradiciones como el linderaje, fusionando tecnología y prácticas ancestrales. A través del programa Open Mapping for All, docentes y estudiantes emplean tecnologías de empoderamiento y participación, fortaleciendo así la educación y la identidad comunitaria.

28 May, 2024

Participa en el Concurso de Proyectos Educativos con Mapeo Abierto de América Latina

Únete a Open Mapping for All y descubre cómo captar la atención de tus estudiantes con herramientas de mapeo abierto. Aborda temas locales de manera creativa, interactiva y divertida. Participa en el concurso para recibir capacitaciones, acompañamiento y la oportunidad de ganar financiamiento para tu proyecto educativo.

16 May, 2024

Coordenação e Ação: A Articulação da Resposta de Mapeamento Humanitário após o Furacão Otis

Após o furacão Otis em outubro de 2023, o Hub LAC liderou um mapeamento digital humanitário em Acapulco, identificando estruturas danificadas e necessidades prioritárias em colaboração com a comunidade nacional e organizações internacionais, destacando a importância da cartografia participativa e estabelecendo bases para futuras ações de mitigação por meio da colaboração interinstitucional na construção de resiliência comunitária.

26 March, 2024

Coordination and Action: The Articulation of Humanitarian Mapping Response after Hurricane Otis

After Hurricane Otis in October 2023, the Hub LAC led a digital humanitarian mapping effort in Acapulco, identifying damaged structures and priority needs in collaboration with the national community and international organizations, highlighting the importance of participatory mapping and laying the groundwork for future mitigation actions through interinstitutional collaboration in building community resilience.

25 March, 2024

Coordinación y Acción: La Articulación de la Respuesta de Mapeo Humanitario tras el Huracán Otis

Tras el huracán Otis en octubre de 2023, el Hub LAC lideró un mapeo digital humanitario en Acapulco, identificando estructuras dañadas y necesidades prioritarias en colaboración con la comunidad nacional y organizaciones internacionales, resaltando la importancia de la cartografía participativa y sentando bases para futuras acciones de mitigación mediante la colaboración interinstitucional en la construcción de resiliencia comunitaria.

21 March, 2024

Catalyzing Women in Disaster Response: Insights from Women Mappers in the Caribbean

Discover how women mappers in the Caribbean are leading the charge in disaster response through open mapping. Gain valuable insights from their experiences and expertise as they inspire and catalyze their communities in small island developing states. Explore the transformative impact of women-led projects shaping a stronger, more resilient future in this insightful blog.

5 March, 2024

Young People Tracing Resilience in San Antonio de Prado, Colombia

Discover the impactful volunteer work of Ana Restrepo and a group of young people in San Antonio de Prado, Colombia. Their focus on collaborative mapping not only identifies areas of risk but also promotes citizen participation and demonstrates how youth and mapping tools can drive significant social change.

26 February, 2024

Jóvenes Trazando Resiliencia en San Antonio de Prado, Colombia

Descubre el impactante trabajo voluntario de Ana Restrepo y un grupo de jóvenes en San Antonio de Prado, Colombia. Su enfoque en el mapeo colaborativo no solo identifica áreas de riesgo, sino que también fomenta la participación ciudadana y demuestra cómo la juventud y las herramientas de mapeo pueden impulsar un cambio social significativo.

26 February, 2024

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