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Rupert Allan

Voting Member


Rupert Allan is a former Country Manager for Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) in Uganda, where projects included ‘Crowd-Sourcing Non-Camp Refugee Data’(USSD BPRM), ‘Uganda Open-Mapping Project’(World Bank/OpenDRI), and ‘Data for Resilience in Refugee Settings’(GPSDD). Rupert also represented the team on the Uganda Ministry of Health Emergency Operations Committee, developing the Ebola Data Resilience Strategy for immanent outbreak following cross-border events in the DRC (Congo).

Engaged in interventional design and field operations since 1988, his work has been characterised by creative improvisation in crisis environments across Humanitarian Disaster and Film Production. He holds a Masters in Visual Culture and Anthropology from the University of Wales, and associates his research with the Displacement Studies Research Network (University of Plymouth, UK), and the Manson Unit, (Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), London).


Motorcycle Mapping - BodaBodas and 'The Knowledge'

Uganda’s capital city, Kampala, has Uber taxis. It is crazy. They are highly unreliable, not surprisingly given the traffic behaviour here - which could...

29 April, 2018

Some Powerful Map Outputs From The Ugandan Refugee Response

Image: Waiting for Water - Long queues of Jerrycans at the dried-out borehole near BidiBidi Refugee Settlement

14 April, 2018

Community Mapping in North Uganda - Intrepid Refugees and Host Community Compare Needs

Despite the constant coverage of the refugee crisis in the mediterranean, in which 150,000 refugees per year have arguably tipped the scales on Brexit,...

24 January, 2018

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