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Sam Colchester

StaffVoting MemberPartnerships & Training Lead


Sam became a Voting Member of HOT in May 2019. He discovered HOT through the Missing Maps Project in Edinburgh, early 2015. Sam moved to London in late 2015 and has supported the Missing Maps London mapathons ever since. Sam holds a Masters degree in Geospatial Analysis from University College London.


Validators: Experienced Mappers Making an Outsized Contribution

Validators serve an essential role in ensuring data quality and providing feedback to new mappers. Learn how validation works and how you can become a validator.

24 May, 2021

Shifting to virtual: adapting HOT’s global work for COVID-19

Although COVID-19 brings a number of obvious challenges to daily life for people across the world, the crisis has demonstrated the widespread desire to help by mapping to support COVID-19 responders worldwide.

30 April, 2020

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