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Tasauf A Baki Billah (Ribin)

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Started career as an Computer Engineer, suddenly started wondering in the humanitarian field for last 05 years. Besides working with both in MSF - Belgium and MSF - Holland in the past, have always been trying to be an active part of the Humanitarian movement by volunteering UNV, HOT, SBTF(Standby Task Force), Crisis Mappers & Mapillary. Always proud to introduced as a part of the global humanitarian teams.

History with HOT is now getting long as it crossed 02 years mark, and the dedication became stronger than ever (not difficult, with HOT more amazing than ever). Became involved with HOT as Pete Masters & Jorieke Vyncke visiting Bangladesh to map Kamrangirchar & Hazaribagh area as a part of MissingMaps project. Therefore, started to disseminate this knowledge among people, started helping Ahasanul Hoque & others building a strong OSM community.  During this period, actively got involved with the local field mapping projects in various parts of Bangladesh as a part of the projects by Save the Children, Y Care, American Red Cross, Asia Foundation, World Bank & Asian Development Bank.

Now, the global community can feel the vibes that OSM Bangladesh Community is creating. Believe with proper support & Guidance our Bangladeshi dynamic and enthusiastic OSM community have the capacity to catalyze the development and growth of OSM around the world.


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