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Yantisa Akhadi

Voting Member


Yantisa is a voting member of HOT and OpenStreetMap Foundation. Previously, he joined UNDP in various information management positions for different phases of disaster. He holds Bachelor's degree in Informatics Engineering from Universitas Islam Indonesia and Master's degree in Spatial Information Science from the University of Melbourne, Australia.

Yantisa is a strong proponents of open data and free and open source movement, and, back in university, he was a founding member of Linux User Group.


Geo Data Collect: Mobile Data Collection and Tracking

Smartphone is everywhere. In Indonesia alone, it is estimated in 2015 that there are around 55 million of smartphone users, the third highest number...

1 February, 2016

HOT Indonesia Year 4: Leveraging InaSAFE and OSM to Enhance Disaster Preparedness

HOT Indonesia has been working with Australian Government since March 2011. Initially the pilot project focus on the use of OpenStreetMap (OSM) data as...

28 December, 2015

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