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Regional Road Network Improvement in Turkey and Greece

HOT Project

Turkey Greece


Since January 2019, HOT is partnering with Kaart, Yer Çizenler and GeoPerformans aiming to improve the quality and accuracy of the road networks of Turkey and Greece on OpenStreetMap.

Access to accurate and navigable road network data is of crucial importance to the daily lives of communities, whether for fulfilling personal transportation needs or for corporate logistics. Accurate and up-to-date road network data is also key for efficient humanitarian logistics, response and relief efforts in times of emergency. Field teams may need to access remote regions and accurate road network data should be available.

Our highly skilled team for this project consists of geomatics graduates who consistently provide high-quality digitization and validation on the regional road network data.

AI-Assisted Road Network Mapping.jpeg

With a growing network of universities, student and professional organizations, and NGOs as well as the support of the Turkish OpenStreetMap community, the project draws mapper support to HOT’s global causes and active projects worldwide. There is also close coordination with local NGOs via meetings and workshops focusing on awareness raising and capacity building over participatory mapping and open geospatial data.