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Open-Source Tool Designed to Contribute to an Open Aerial Imagery Repository

What is it?

A user-friendly, inclusive application suite enabling anyone with access to a drone, even an inexpensive consumer or DIY drone, to contribute easily and effectively to a global free and open aerial imagery repository.

Local people with low-cost, consumer-type drones can choose areas to fly and receive flight plans that automate precision aerial imagery collection missions, seamlessly combining the efforts of multiple operators into high­-quality coverage of 2D and 3D imagery.


  Use Low-Cost Drones

DroneTM empowers local communities to produce their own aerial imagery by enabling local use of safe, affordable, lightly-regulated drones to create high-quality, high­ resolution 2D and 3D images and base layers.

  Coordinate Efforts

Current commercial drone platforms don’t enable multiple operators to collaborate to cover a large area. DroneTM empowers communities to work together to image their own environment seamlessly and at scale.

  AI & Field Mapping

We’re all excited about the potential for Al and field mapping tools to power greater community mapping efforts. But Al and field mappers need imagery! DroneTM empowers communities to create those imagery inputs themselves.

WHY DroneTM?

Aerial imagery is critical for mapping, but we have been dependent on satellites or expensive drones.

DroneTM empowers local communities to create high-­quality aerial imagery by combining the efforts of multiple people with small, safe, accessible drones.

Social Impact:
 - Collaboration: Communities work together to create local aerial imagery at scale.
 - Independence: People generate their own data for use with Al and field mapping tools.
 - Empowerment: Communities lead aerial imagery creation.


User Management

Simplifies the onboarding process, enhances security with role-based access, and facilitates efficient management of participant activities.

Survey Project Creation

Streamlines project setup, allows for custom project specifications, and ensures all participants have clear guidelines and objectives.

Data/Flight Plan Upload

Ensures consistency and accuracy in flight plans, maximizes area coverage, and minimizes data gaps.

Notifications/ Status Mgmt.

Keeps all users informed and engaged, ensures timely responses to project needs, and enhances collaborative efforts.

Data Visualization

Aids in better understanding and interpretation of the data, supports decision-making processes, and enhances the presentation of findings.

Local Regulations & Compliance

Reduces legal risks, promotes safe flying practices, and enhances community trust and acceptance of drone operations.


Offers valuable insights for project evaluation, supports transparency, and aids in continuous improvement of operations.