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Training Open Mapping Tech for Wildfires in Córdoba, Argentina: Workshop in Unión de Los Ríos

Emilio Mariscal

13 May, 2024


On April 1 2024, we did a workshop called “Open Mapping for Inclusive and Sustainable Development. Mapping Tech in Wildland Areas: Forest Fires Edition” in Unión de Los Ríos, Córdoba, Argentina.

Training Open Mapping Tech for Wildfires in Córdoba, Argentina: Workshop in Unión de Los Ríos

On April 1 2024, we did a workshop called “Open Mapping for Inclusive and Sustainable Development. Mapping Tech in Wildland Areas: Forest Fires Edition” in Unión de Los Ríos, Córdoba, Argentina.

Emilio Mariscal - 13 May, 2024


Our End-to-End Mapping Solution: Mapping exercise at CliGeos Summer School

In April 2024, we had the opportunity to demonstrate the power of open mapping tools and workflows at the CLImbing for CLImate GEOspatial School (CLIGEOS-2024) in Annapurna-3, Lumle-Pokhara, Nepal.

Kshitij Sharma - 6 May, 2024


Our End-to-End Mapping Solution: Training the Balinese Disaster Response Team in Karangasem

HOT envisions an ecosystem of open mapping technology that enables everyone, and in particular vulnerable communities, to make the right open map data available in order to use that to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Leen D'hondt - 23 April, 2024


Field Mapping Tasking Manager (FMTM)

Collaboration and communication among key players are critical to a successful field mapping campaign and data collection effort. Leveraging the right tools, such as the Field Mapping Tasking Manager (FMTM), can significantly enhance coordination and streamline communication among team members, improving field survey efforts and making them more efficient and accurate.

Ivan Buendía Gayton - 19 March, 2024


HOT Export Tool: try out the new features!

OpenStreetMap (OSM) is more than the basemap you see on or in other geospatial services. The database behind the map is full of crowdsourced spatial data with systemized tagging that translates into attributes in GIS systems. For data analysts and cartographers who want to access datasets from OSM for use in QGIS or other similar applications, HOT’s export tool just got much more helpful!

Kshitij Sharma - 27 February, 2024


Tasking Manager: Insights from the NET Promoter Score Survey

Tasking Manager stands as a key solution in the realm of collaborative mapping, empowering users to contribute to meaningful projects on OpenStreetMap. As part of our commitment to continuous improvement of the tool, we conducted a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey at the end of December 2023 to delve into the sentiments and experiences of our Tasking Manager users. The invaluable feedback, received from 59 users globally, has opened a window into user satisfaction, areas of strength, and opportunities for enhancement.

Ramya Ragupathy - 13 February, 2024


HOT CommunityWG x Tech&InnovationWG Communications Skillshare Series - what a blast to start the year!

THANK YOU FOR JOINING our Communications Skillshare Series!

Arnalie Vicario - 5 February, 2024


fAIr - what to expect in 2024!

Learn about the most recent updates on HOT’s AI-assisted mapping service (fAIr) and what to expect in 2024!

Omran Najjar, Petya Kangalova - 21 December, 2023


Data for sustainable development: The Data Festival 2023

The Data Festival recently held in Uruguay was the opportunity for the Open Mapping Hub to introduce to organizations and institutions open cartography applications and its humanitarian approach.

Juan Arellano Valdivia - 15 December, 2023


Launching HOT’s responsible and ethical data framework

At the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, we promote open and accessible data. What happens, though, when open data inadvertently brings attention to the location of something that could cause harm to the people in that area?

Jessica Pechmann, Paul Uithol, Shazmane Mandjee Rehamtula, Karla Picado Valverde, Ivan Buendía Gayton - 6 December, 2023


HOT Tasking Manager - Welcome to NAXA

We are very excited to announce that we will be working with NAXA, who will provide software development support for the evolution of the HOT Tasking Manager.

Petya Kangalova, Ramya Ragupathy - 10 October, 2023


HOT and CDEMA sign agreement to enhance disaster management in the Caribbean with collaborative mapping

HOT and CDEMA -the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency- have signed a collaboration agreement to strengthen CDEMA's geospatial technological capabilities. Learn the details.

Juan Arellano Valdivia - 7 July, 2023


Changing Data Needs Through the Disaster Management Lifecycle

We’re now about a month and a half after the initial 7.7 magnitude earthquake hit Turkey and Syria on Monday, 6 February. Even though it is an ongoing emergency with vast humanitarian needs, we are now moving into a phase of continuing support to the affected communities and the start of rebuilding and reconstruction efforts where it is feasible to do. As the phase of disaster response changes, so do the data needs and data and quality requirements.

Paul Uithol, Jessica Pechmann, - 27 March, 2023


OSM Hackfest 2023 - Call for Partnerships

Over the past two years, Open Mapping Hub - Asia Pacific (OMH-AP) has been working on it’s vision to create a sustainable OpenStreetMap (OSM) ecosystem in the Asia-Pacific region. And for this reason, we are planning the OSM Hackfest as a regional level event in 2023. We need your support in order to do this and we are seeking partnerships for organizing the first ever Asia Pacific OSM regional Hackfest.

Nirab Pudasaini, Risham Habib - 17 November, 2022


hot_tech_talk | Takeaways from our open AI challenge

Over the past few years, HOT has taken a leadership role in experimenting with, and facilitating for, the application of open-source and fair artificial intelligence in mapping. What is the status? Well, let me tell you: we are only a few months away now from launching our open AI-mapping service - fAIr. As we speak, around 50 AI engineers from the Omdena community are crunching code with us to narrow down which of the models will give the most optimal AI-assisted mapping for our communities.

Synne Olsen - 3 November, 2022


hot_tech_talk | fAIr: AI-assisted mapping

Here is all you need to know about HOT’s open AI-assisted mapping service: fAIr.

Omran Najjar - 2 November, 2022