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Jóvenes Trazando Resiliencia en San Antonio de Prado, Colombia

Mariana Marín

26 February, 2024


Descubre el impactante trabajo voluntario de Ana Restrepo y un grupo de jóvenes en San Antonio de Prado, Colombia. Su enfoque en el mapeo colaborativo no solo identifica áreas de riesgo, sino que también fomenta la participación ciudadana y demuestra cómo la juventud y las herramientas de mapeo pueden impulsar un cambio social significativo.

Data sovereignty, open mapping and indigenous territories

Explore how open cartography is transforming the relationship between indigenous communities and their territories in Latin America. Projects discussed at the ABRE LATAM Data Sovereignty, Open Mapping and Indigenous Territories table address challenges such as cultural preservation and the defense of rights. Reflections from experts and concrete experiences highlight the importance of recognizing the diversity and autonomy of these communities.

Juan Arellano Valdivia - 22 February, 2024


Call for Applications: DataCamp Donates x Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Scholarship

HOT is partnering with DataCamp Donates to provide free data education and recognize dedicated humanitarian open mapping contributors.

Arnalie Vicario - 22 February, 2024


Soberanía de datos, mapeo abierto y territorios indígenas

Explora cómo la cartografía abierta está descubriendo la relación entre comunidades indígenas y sus territorios en América Latina. Proyectos discutidos en la mesa de Soberanía de Datos, Mapeo Abierto y Territorios Indígenas de ABRE LATAM abordan desafíos como la preservación cultural y la defensa de derechos. Reflexiones de expertos y experiencias concretas destacan la importancia de reconocer la diversidad y autonomía de estas comunidades.

Juan Arellano Valdivia - 22 February, 2024


Tasking Manager: Insights from the NET Promoter Score Survey

Tasking Manager stands as a key solution in the realm of collaborative mapping, empowering users to contribute to meaningful projects on OpenStreetMap. As part of our commitment to continuous improvement of the tool, we conducted a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey at the end of December 2023 to delve into the sentiments and experiences of our Tasking Manager users. The invaluable feedback, received from 59 users globally, has opened a window into user satisfaction, areas of strength, and opportunities for enhancement.

Ramya Ragupathy - 13 February, 2024


Amazonian Mapping for an Inclusive and Sustainable Amazon

Explore the Amazonian Mapping initiative, a project by the Open Mapping Hub focused on Latin America, highlighting the importance of social impact mapping in the Amazon region. Discover key projects in Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, and Peru to strengthen prevention, emergency management, sustainable forest management, and community resilience.

LAC Hub Team - 12 February, 2024

Brazil and 3 other countries

Mapeos Amazónicos para una Amazonía Inclusiva y Sostenible

Explora la iniciativa Mapeos Amazónicos, un proyecto del Hub de Mapeo Abierto enfocado en Latinoamérica, que destaca la importancia del mapeo de impacto social en la región amazónica. Descubre proyectos clave en Colombia, Ecuador, Brasil y Perú para fortalecer la prevención, gestión de emergencias, manejo forestal sostenible y resiliencia comunitaria.

LAC Hub Team - 12 February, 2024

Brazil and 3 other countries

Mapeamentos Amazônicos para uma Amazônia Inclusiva e Sustentável

Explore a iniciativa Mapeamentos Amazônicos, um projeto do Hub de Mapeamento Aberto focado na América Latina, que destaca a importância do mapeamento de impacto social na região amazônica. Descubra projetos-chave na Colômbia, Equador, Brasil e Peru para fortalecer a prevenção, gestão de emergências, manejo florestal sustentável e resiliência comunitária.

LAC Hub Team - 12 February, 2024

Brazil and 3 other countries

Honoring Angela Teyvi, a Leader, Mentor, and Friend

Today, I celebrate a leader, mentor, and a friend, Angela Teyvi.

Arnalie Vicario - 8 February, 2024


HOT CommunityWG x Tech&InnovationWG Communications Skillshare Series - what a blast to start the year!

THANK YOU FOR JOINING our Communications Skillshare Series!

Arnalie Vicario - 5 February, 2024


Indigenous worldview in community forestry management through open data

Explore the Open Cities Guatemala Project, enhancing Indigenous autonomy in San José Poaquil. Discover the innovative use of geographic data, participatory mapping, and tech-enabled applications in sustainable community forestry management.

Ana Prada - 1 February, 2024


Catalyzing Impact: Inaugural Micro-Grants by HOT and Caribbean School of Data

Uncover the impact of transformative geospatial initiatives with HOT and the Caribbean School of Data (CSOD)'s Micro-Grants success story. Explore diverse projects addressing critical community issues in Guyana and Jamaica, and celebrate the innovation as it propels sustainable change, from rice cultivation to climate resilience.

25 January, 2024

Jamaica, Guyana

O Hub LAC convoca para fazer parte da Brigada de Mapeamento Humanitário

Junte-se à Brigada de Mapeamento Humanitário do HUB LAC e fortaleça as capacidades locais na América Latina e no Caribe. Participe de respostas efetivas para emergências e promova uma cultura ativa de mapeamento humanitário.

26 December, 2023


Hub LAC Calls for Participation in the Humanitarian Mapping Brigade

Join the Humanitarian Mapping Brigade of HUB LAC and strengthen local capacities in Latin America and the Caribbean. Participate in effective emergency responses and foster an active culture of humanitarian mapping.

26 December, 2023


fAIr - what to expect in 2024!

Learn about the most recent updates on HOT’s AI-assisted mapping service (fAIr) and what to expect in 2024!

Omran Najjar, Petya Kangalova - 21 December, 2023


El Hub LAC convoca a ser parte de la Brigada de Mapeo Humanitario

Únete a la Brigada de Mapeo Humanitario del HUB LAC y fortalece capacidades locales en Latinoamérica y el Caribe. Participa en respuestas efectivas a emergencias y promueve una cultura activa de mapeo humanitario.

21 December, 2023