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News — 25 May, 2016

New Documentation and Design System for OpenAerialMap

We've just rolled out the start of a new documentation and design system for OpenAerialMap. Four main components make up the OAM ecosystem: an imagery browser, the catalog API, an uploader, and the tiler. The new docs, available at, aim to centralize all the different pieces of documentation in an easy to access place.



Each section will contain a brief explanation of the tool's purpose, how it's used, and links to the source code and development documentation. We've added initial content but will be continuing to add more documentation to cover features and how to use the different components. Please join in adding content on Github. 

Design system

The design system is a new component of OAM. In order to build new components and products within OAM, we developed a design system that will help anyone to easily join in the project. The design system will ensure that every OAM component feels and behaves the same. 



Although still under active development it already features several style components that standardize the look and feel across all OAM-related applications, while defining coding best practices and conventions. The code and work for the design system is on Github. Join in on the development.