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News — 29 November, 2023

Canoa de Tolda at the Paris Peace Forum 2023

Canoa de Tolda and the LAC Open Mapping Hub were at the Paris Peace Forum 2023. Find out how our participation was.

From November 10 to 11, the sixth edition of the Paris Peace Forum (PPF) was held, an initiative whose objective this year was to “seek common ground in a world of rivalry,” in a context of global polarization that jeopardizes international cooperation on issues vital to humanity.

Last March, the Hub and Canoa de Tolda - one of our allied organizations - nominated the project that we carried out in collaboration in Brazil to the PPF, as it would make visible the socio-environmental problems in Latin America, and in particular in the northeastern Brazilian region with the case of the Sáo Francisco River and also the organization.

The exhibiting team was made up of Carlos Eduardo Ribeiro -project coordinator-, Igor da Mata -Professor at UFAL and associated with the project-, Marina Aragão -LAC Hub’s project manager- and Maria Fernanda Cabral as a volunteer, specifying the participation of Canoa de Tolda in the presence of a booth at the event and an intervention in a round table. The PPF, for its part, built a small web page to present the project.

The Canoa de Tolda booth was quite well located and was widely seen and visited, including among the visitors the director/founder of the FPP, Justin Vaisse, and the team from the Ministére des Affaires Etrangéres of France. Former minister Celso Amorim, current special advisor for international affairs of the Presidency of the Republic of Brazil, also visited the booth.

canoa paris 2.jpg

Participation in the Round Table - Safeguarding the Trees of Life: Uniting Climate and Biodiversity Agendas, mediated by Celina Chien, where Carlos Eduardo Ribeiro shared a table with representatives of other projects from Mexico, China, Peru and France, was very positive, since it was possible to make it clear that biodiversity conservation actions are necessary in all biomes and ecosystems and not only in the Amazon.

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Professor Igor da Mata tells us his perspective of the event:

The partnership between UFAL, the NGO Canoa de Tolda and the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) was the only Brazilian delegation at the event. On that occasion, it was possible to exchange experiences with over 80 projects and initiatives around the world, which share the same objectives as the Mato da Onça Reserve. The participation of Carlos Eduardo Ribeiro Jr., president of Canoa de Tolda, in the round table “Safeguarding the Trees of Life: Uniting Climate and Biodiversity Agendas” was a highlight and reinforced our connection with other projects from different countries. Between meetings and real possibilities for new collaborations, we have established approximately 46 contacts, which will unfold over the coming months. With this, we hope to strengthen not only the Reserve, but other projects developed in the region, such as Map São Francisco and the preservation of Canoa Luzitânia and the cultural historical collection of Canoa de Tolda.

Finally, Marina Aragão reflects on the importance of the Mato da Onça Reserve and its relationship with the mapping project in which Canoa de Tolda and HOT have collaborated.

Throughout its history advocating for socio-environmental rights in the Lower São Francisco region, Canoa de Tolda has engaged in various projects. The Mato da Onça Reserve, focusing on conserving biodiversity in the Caatinga biome, has yielded significant results in the past decade. Ensuring access to the São Francisco River’s water and accurate area mapping is crucial for its continuity. Desertification and the control of river waters by hydroelectric companies have negatively impacted the site. Furthermore, private actions destroying protected areas, not adequately represented in official maps, further compromise its integrity. In this context, the partnership with HOT, initiated in 2022, proves essential for the ongoing success of the Mato da Onça Reserve.

The participation of Reserva Mato da Onça in the Paris Peace Forum 2023 marked a significant opportunity to spotlight its endeavors on a global stage. Beyond mere recognition, the forum served as a platform for showcasing the initiative’s tangible impacts to influential stakeholders and potential future partners. This international gathering not only elevated the profile of Reserva Mato da Onça but also fostered connections that are integral for its continued success in socio-environmental conservation in the Lower São Francisco region. The event underscored the initiative’s commitment to biodiversity preservation in the Caatinga biome, emphasizing the crucial role of strategic partnerships in addressing environmental challenges.

Thanks to this exhibition of the project carried out together, Canoa de Tolda has gained visibility and opportunities for both collaboration and financing. This coincides with one of our work objectives, which is that our allied organizations can grow and scale their impact.

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