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Juan Arellano Valdivia

StaffCommunications and Community Specialist


Juan is a former mainframe programmer who worked for 12 years in systems development in COBOL and RPGII. Later he served in various positions in the peruvian public administration, reaching the managerial level. After several years dedicated to a family business, with some friends created, the first blogs directory in Peru. He then becomes part of Global Voices, an international community of bloggers, journalists, and activists, where he was in charge of the Spanish version of the web, for what he built a team of volunteer translators and made various strategic alliances with other organizations.

Besides this, he has collaborated with orgs such as Bertelsmann Stiftung, Open Society Foundations and projects such as Tactical Tech and The Engine Room.

For almost a year now he has been running the @esopenstreetmap Twitter account in a volunteer capacity, this Spanish language account spreads news from the OpenStreetMap world and related things. He also translates the official OSM blog posts into Spanish.


Nuevos actores del mapeo abierto en Ecuador

La colaboración de experimentados activistas de la cultura libre con nuevos mapeadores esta renovando el panorama de la cartografía colaborativa en Ecuador.

27 April, 2022

Novedades del mapeo abierto en LATAM

2022 parece un buen año para la comunidad OSM latinoamericana, veamos que nuevas actividades se van desarrollando en los países de la región.

23 March, 2022

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