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Help Support 3 Local OpenStreetMap Communities Dealing With Disaster!

Russell Deffner

16 January, 2018


2018 has taken no time off from disasters and HOT is supporting three local OpenStreetMap communities with their response to events in their countries, read more to find out how you can help...

Expanding the mapping community in Turkey

In 2017 HOT received a device grant from Nethope to minimise barriers to community mapping projects by providing additional access to technology and connectivity....

Amelia Hunt - 10 January, 2018


The First State of the Map Tanzania - 2017

On the 8th to 10th December Crowd2Map collaborated with Ramani Huria to host the first state of the map conference in Dar es Salaam,...

Innocent Maholi - 13 December, 2017


OpenStreetMap Niger: Scaling with the help of a Microgrant

*Guest blog: Samaila Alio, OSM Niger* OSM Niger OpenStreetMap Niger is a community of youth aiming to promote OpenStreetMap (OSM) mapping and open data...

Amelia Hunt - 11 December, 2017


Mapping Arsenic Contamination - Youth Mappers at AUW Bangladesh

*Guest Blog – Paromita Basak, AUW Youth Mappers Bangladesh*   Why create a mapping Project on Arsenic? Arsenic poisoning from drinking water in Bangladesh...

Amelia Hunt - 6 December, 2017


OpenStreetMap & QGIS Training for geology students in Bamako, Mali

*Guest Blog – Nathalie Sidibe, OSM Mali* In 2017 HOT received a grant from Nethope to provide devices (smartphones, laptops) to reduce barriers to community...

Amelia Hunt - 5 December, 2017


We can #mapthedifference together in 2018!

You’ve supported us to put the world’s most vulnerable places on the map- through hundreds of millions of edits, thousands of hours, and a...

Rachel VanNice - 28 November, 2017


HOT Tech in 2018

This year has been a busy year for technology within the HOT community. We launched new versions of nearly all the core HOT tools...

Nate Smith - 22 November, 2017


Calling All Validators (and Mappers)!

HOT begins to transition mapping of critical data in response to the Mexico Earthquakes, South Asia Floods, Caribbean Hurricanes and West Pacific Volcano threats back to local communities. It’s during this crucial time that we ask for mappers to become validators, and make an important second look to ensure the mapping was done as instructed.

Russell Deffner - 10 November, 2017


Building OpenStreetMap Zambia with the help of a HOT Microgrant

*Guest Blog – Trudy Namitala, OSM Zambia*   Since 2016, OSM Zambia has embarked on a journey to transform communities in Zambia by introducing...

Rebecca Firth - 9 November, 2017


Ramani Huria: Building Open Tools to Map Drains

Ramani Huria’s goal is resilience: to reduce the human impact of flooding. The most obvious way to do this is to reduce the likelihood...

Innocent Maholi - 5 November, 2017


HOT Microgrant: Mafalala, Mozambique - Mapping history with a focus on the future

*Guest blog: Remigio Chilaule, Mafalala, Mozambique*   Mozambique is a developing African country with many riches, and a lot of untapped potential in natural...

Rebecca Firth - 2 November, 2017


Mapping the Thousand Islands in the Face of Climate-Induced Disasters

On October 23, three waterspouts were seen next to each other, sweeping across parts of the Thousand Islands, the northernmost territory of Jakarta. Although...

Biondi Sanda Sima - 31 October, 2017


Code of Conduct

HOT is a growing community and a growing NGO. As we’ve grown we no longer know everyone else that is a contributor by first...

Dale Kunce - 30 October, 2017


OSM Puerto Rico Emerges Stronger and Ready to Help Rebuild!

As Hurricane Maria‘s winds and rain battered our home in San Juan, Puerto Rico, among the many thoughts that bounced in my head in those long hours was wondering about the people living in the mountainous regions of the island. The winding roads, heavy foliage, cliffs, bridges and terrain susceptible to landslides could make it the worst place to be in during such a powerful storm. Many small communities on those mountains would become isolated for weeks.

Russell Deffner - 27 October, 2017


Team in Istanbul conducts training for Small Projects Istanbul

As part of HOT’s mission in Istanbul to grow the OSM community and to provide training to urban refugees to map their communities and...

Paul Uithol - 26 October, 2017