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Activation Workshop at Africa Open Data Conference

Russell Deffner

8 September, 2015


The first workshop for the HOT Activation Curriculum was held during the pre-conference events of the first Africa Open Data Conference. The conference facilitated discussion around the benefit of Open Data on the African continent including lessons learned from around the globe. HOT is grateful to have been invited to participate in the conference and conduct our Activation workshop.

Alpha Release of the Redeveloped Export Tool

The Alpha release of the new Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team OSM Export Tool takes place today. Please help us iron out any bugs or oversights...

Mhairi O'Hara - 31 August, 2015


Open Data, Open Mapping: TeachOSM in the Caribbean

Web-based mapping is an activity of growing importance in many countries around the world, especially in places where base map data is often scarce...

Steven Johnson - 31 August, 2015

Jamaica, Saint Lucia

End of the Outreachy Program Round 10

Round 10 of the Outreachy program has come to an end! Running for three months, from the 25th May till the 25th of August,...

Mhairi O'Hara - 27 August, 2015


Community Mapping can greatly contribute to the development of Dar es Salaam

Mr. Monday Anthony, a 66 year old community member of Mchikichini ward in Ilala District who participated in Community Mapping for Flood Resilience, talked to Mr. Steven Bukulu a Mapping Supervisor and Media Specialist of Ramani Huria about the main reasons for floods occurring in many areas in Dar es Salaam, in particular Mchikichini.

Sophie Lafayette - 18 August, 2015


Small UAS for Humanitarian Mapping

Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS), also known as drones or UAVs, are revolutionizing the way we do remote sensing and aerial imaging.  With less...

Cristiano Giovando - 13 August, 2015


Ramani Huria community mapping showcased to Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete

La quatrième conférence annuelle nationale Tanzanienne des sciences, des technologies et de l'innovation s'est déroulée à Dar es Salaam du 17 au 19 juin 2015. La conférence a permis une présentation de la cartographie communautaire Ramani Huria de Dar es Salaam au President de la république de Tanzanie, Jakaya Kikwete.

Sophie Lafayette - 9 August, 2015


#HOTSummit Videos are Live!

Les Vidéo du ‪#‎hotsummit‬  sont disponibles ! Merci à tous nos volontaires et partenaires ainsi qu'à la croix rouge anglaise pour ce travail de...

Kristen Egermeier - 7 August, 2015


OAM Adds Dynamic Filtering, Upload Tools Coming Soon

During the recent Nepal earthquakes, digital humanitarians were suddenly flooded with data, a lot of data, especially aerial imagery collected with satellites and small...

Cristiano Giovando - 24 July, 2015


Pilot Workshops - HOT Activation Curriculum

HOT has been developing an 'Activation' training curriculum over the last several months in order to build and improve the skills of it's 'Activators'....

Mhairi O'Hara - 23 July, 2015


"Ramani Huria" Scale Up - Dar es Salaam, 6th July, 2015

The "Dar Ramani Huria" Scale Up Workshop took place at Nkrumah Hall, University of Dar es Salaam, on Monday 6th of July. Over the...

Paul Uithol - 17 July, 2015


Nepal Earthquake: A note of thanks to HOT’s aerial imagery providers

  Aerial imagery is key to the work that HOT undertakes each day of the year. During a crisis, the need becomes even more...

Tyler Radford - 14 July, 2015


HOT Leadership 2015

This year has presented many challenges to HOT. We have been incredibly active and successful in all of our programs: Disaster Mapping, Community Building and Technical Projects. However, as many of you know, 2015 has been a year of tremendous change in HOT leadership.

Russell Deffner - 8 July, 2015


Mapping Ulaanbaatar with Asia Foundation

Recently we had a very pleasant surprise to be contacted by Nicholas Doiron, who Project Coordinator, Severin Menard, knew from previous work including in Haiti. Nick, now working with Asia Foundation alongside Michelle Chang, knew about the HOT Mapping Ulaanbaatar project and reached out for advice as the Asia Foundation planned an OpenStreetMap Mapathon competition.

Russell Deffner - 3 July, 2015


Be the Executive Director of Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

  Passionate about maps, humanitarian response and global community? Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) seeks an Executive Director to dream big building on our successes...

Heather Leson - 2 July, 2015


TomTom June 2015 HOT Mapathon

  HOT a récemment assisté la société TomTom à l'organisation d'un Mapathon focalisé sur la cartographie du Nepal. Des batiments, des zones résidentielles, des routes,...

Pierre Mirlesse - 26 June, 2015