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HOT Summit 2019 Logo Contest

21 February, 2019


The Summit Working Group is pleased to announce the call for logo designs. This is your opportunity to take part in the build up to the conference. You can submit your design as an individual or as a group.

A community of collaborators for the Tasking Manager

Workshop with the Open Source community around the Tasking Manager

Felix Delattre - 18 February, 2019


Data generated by students: win-win for all

Guest blog by Peter Ward, GAL School, Cusco, Peru.

1 February, 2019


Piloting Tanzania's First Patient Origin Tracking System

Putting hyperlocal data to use at the Amana Regional Referral Hospital in Dar es Salaam. Pictured above is Dr. Omari Mahiza who is helping lead the charge.

Belinda Japhet, Sara Amadi - 31 January, 2019


Why is it important for youth to create data and manage information?

Guest blog by Abril Gomez, student at GAL School Cusco, Peru. Aged 15.

26 January, 2019


2019 HOT Microgrants Program: empowering local OpenStreetMap communities

HOT invites communities to submit their applications for the 2019 Microgrants program.

Rebecca Firth, Jessica Bergmann - 25 January, 2019


1 Year & 1 Hundred-Thousand Kilometers with HOT & Facebook

Partnering with Facebook, the HOT Indonesia team has added about 125,000 kilometers (80,000 miles) of road to Indonesia so far.

Russell Deffner - 20 December, 2018


Tackling Coastal Flooding in Monrovia Slums: Understanding through partnerships, one community at a time

In the informal settlements of Liberia’s largest city, Open Cities Africa is introducing a dynamic open data workflow to support urban planning and protect...

David Luswata - 18 December, 2018


My Experience as a Student Mapper: Open Cities Accra

Open Cities Accra has conducted detailed mapping in Alogboshie community and its environs to improve resilience to natural disasters, especially flooding. Alogboshie, a suburb...

David Luswata - 16 December, 2018


Digitising Kathmandu from above

Guest blog by Gaurav Thapa from Kathmandu Living Labs. Covering the digitisation process carried out by the team for mapping building footprints in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal as part of the METEOR project.

Mhairi O'Hara - 13 December, 2018


HOT Summit 2019 is coming to Heidelberg

We are happy to share latest information about the 5th HOT Summit which is next year coming to the picturesque city of Heidelberg!

Melanie Eckle - 11 December, 2018


Building Disaster Resilient Countries/Cities Through Open Spatial Data and Exposure Analysis.

Multiple partners have come together under the Meteor project, which aims to understand risk and disaster exposure in order to create resilient cities. Through...

Hawa Adinani - 4 December, 2018


Tasking Manager Update: New Version Released!

As December has started we’ve also released another update to the Tasking Manager. Head to and start mapping to check them out.

Nate Smith - 3 December, 2018


Microgrants Progress

Here are a few updates from local communities all around the world who have received a Microgrant from HOT in 2018, all the more reason to donate to #mapthedifference in 2019!

Geoffrey Kateregga - 27 November, 2018

Mexico and 6 other countries

METEOR: Site Visits with Kathmandu Living Labs in Nepal

HOT and KLL set out on site visits across Kathmandu to assess the homogenous zones identified for mapping in OpenStreetMap. These seven zones have been identified as rural, residential, dense residential, urban, industrial, informal, high urban and new industrial. KLL will remotely digitise all the building footprints within the homogenous zones, before collecting detailed attribute information on the ground for a select sample of these buildings.

Mhairi O'Hara - 20 November, 2018


Using open source tools to eliminate Malaria in Guatemala

HOT is supporting the Clinton Health Access Initiative and the Guatemala Ministry of Health to assist local technicians who are in the field fighting Malaria in the area of Escuintla. Guatemala has provided a unique opportunity for HOT to leverage open source tools for use during indoor residual spraying to monitor progress and activities as they occur.

Miriam Gonzalez - 14 November, 2018