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Open Cities Dhaka Kicks Off

Jeff Haack

2 September, 2013


OpenStreetMap Sri Lanka

Fort du soutien financier et opérationnel de la Direction de la Francophonie numérique (DFN) de l’Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF), HOT avec un...

Jeff Haack - 13 August, 2013


Faces of HOT: Iyan, new Indonesian Team Manager

Yantisa Akhadi, a.k.a Iyan, is the new team manager for the Indonesia project. He has an extensive background with open source software and web development through working at the UNDP and IFRC.
Iyan grew up in one of the hottest cities in Indonesia, Semarang. As a teenager on the brink of internet revolution, he quickly fall in love with ICT and decided to concentrate in Informatics Engineering at Islamic University of Indonesia. After he graduated, he joined IFRC and then move to the UNDP for about 5 years. While working at the UNDP, he became interested in web-based mapping. Thus, he decided to get his Masters in Spatial Information Science at the University of Melbourne.

Katrina E. - 9 July, 2013


Espace OSM Francophone in Togo Day+4 - English version

The fourth day of this set up mission of the project Espace OSM Francophone in Togo is coming to its end.With the support of the Direction de la Francophonie Numérique (OIF-DFN) from Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie, members of the WoeLab Lomé of Africaine d'Architecture, Amadou Ndong of the project OpenStreetMap Sénégal deployed with me under the banner of HOT, we have been working to set up the OSM project in this country of Western Africa

Nicolas Chavent - 28 June, 2013


Espace OSM Francophone au Togo à J+4

Le quatrième jour de cette mission de lancement du projet Espace OSM Francophone au Togo s'achève.Avec le soutien de la Direction de la Francophonie Numérique (OIF-DFN) de l'Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie, les membres du WoeLab Lomé de l'Africaine d'Architecture, Amadou Ndong du projet OpenStreetMap Sénégal déployé avec moi sous la bannière de HOT, nous travaillons à l'ancrage du projet OpenStreetMap dans ce pays de l'Afrique de l'Ouest.

Nicolas Chavent - 28 June, 2013


Faces of HOT: Jeff Haack, content writer of

Jeff Haack has been working on and off for HOT since its establishment. He has traveled the globe working on mapping projects-- from the Georgia to Gaza Strip to Indonesia. The Californian studied history at University of Evansville and joined the Peace Corps in Georgia shortly after. For the last couple of years, he has been involved on and off with the Indonesian project and has devoted much time and energy to the content of Here is what he had to say about his experience working with HOT and using OSM. [inline:Image 1.png] How did you get involved with HOT/OSM?

Katrina E. - 25 June, 2013


Faces of HOT: Heather Leson, newest board member

This week we caught up with Heather, the newest board member of HOT. She joined the board in March 2013. For the past few years Heather has been working at Ushahidi’s Director of Community Engagement. Heather stays busy organizing and managing programs for Ushahidi’s diverse community. She gained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Combined Political Science and History from Carleton University in Canada’s capital city of Ottawa, and a Library and Information Technician diploma from Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology in Toronto. You can read more about her on her textontechs blog. How did you get involved with HOT/OSM?

Katrina E. - 20 June, 2013


The HDM JOSM Style by HOT

One of the unique features of OpenStreetMap is the license to use customise and visualize the data as maps, charts, and more. However this is sometimes easier said than done.

Will Skora - 14 June, 2013


Humanitarian Data Model - REDUX

Brian Wolford - 6 June, 2013


OpenStreetMap Bangladesh Edition

Written with Andrew SalzbergThe recent horrific factory collapse in Dhaka, Bangladesh drew renewed attention to the link between global garment industry brands and the working conditions of garment factory employees at the far end of the supply chain.

Alyssa Wright - 31 May, 2013


Using motorcycles to survey in Haiti

Hey All,As part of the CAP103 project, financed by USAID, being run in the North of Haiti right now we have started coordinating motorcycles for survey purposes.[inline:IMG_2619.JPG]The purpose of using the motos is two-fold:1. To be able to transport teams of OSM surveyors to remote locations it would otherwise be difficult to reach.2. To be able to collect a solid network of GPS traces for the area's major and minor ways. Once collected, they can be used as a resource for setting offsets and positions for any aerial imageries.

Brian Wolford - 28 May, 2013


European Commission Joint Research Center and OpenStreetMap

Late March, just coming back from Burundi, I have been invited by Guido Lemoine from the Institute for the Protection and Security of the...

Séverin Ménard - 27 May, 2013


Crossing Boundaries by Tracing Buildings: Mapping Kathmandu from New York City"

Throughout the day you could hear the simple question - 'Is that a building?' -- followed by conversations about shadows, and people, and the construction of a city that seemed so far away from our own.

Alyssa Wright - 11 May, 2013


Comprehensive Report on Mali Activation

Early this year, HOT was activated in Mali. Pierre Beland took the lead on this activation, and produced for OCHA this excellent report. Recommended...

Mikel Maron - 29 April, 2013


State Department Launches Imagery to the Crowd

The State Department Humanitarian Information Unit has launched Imagery to the Crowd![inline:Screen-Shot-2013-04-24-at-2.24.34-PM.png]This is important formal recognition of the partnership we've built over the past couple years. The premise is simple enough. HOT needs current aerial imagery to create up to date maps following a disaster event. The US government acquires that kind of imagery from commercial providers. Sharing the imagery with the OSM community means better maps for responders.

Mikel Maron - 25 April, 2013


Hottie Humberto Yances presents the La Boquilla Project

Humberto Yances has written up his wonderful OSM community work in La Boquilla, and HOT wants to share great work by HOT members (note, this is not a formal HOT project). From an idea, to engagement, to mapping, to distribution, to use, La Boquilla clearly demonstrates what can happen with an open, networked, community based approach. [inline:equipo.jpg]From these evocative beginnings ...

Mikel Maron - 24 April, 2013