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Motorcycle Mapping - BodaBodas and 'The Knowledge'

Rupert Allan

29 April, 2018


Engaging with Youth, HOT’s Uni Battle Map Winner Becomes the First YouthMappers Chapter in Indonesia

Youth is a critical partner in carrying out HOT’s mission. We worked together with university students and young people since the very inception of...

Biondi Sanda Sima - 26 April, 2018


3 days of OSM and GIS training kicks off in Mali!

Guest blog; Nathalie Sidibe, OSM Mali

Amelia Hunt - 23 April, 2018


Microgrants 2018: HOT supports eight OSM communities!

We are pleased to announce the launch of this year’s Microgrant programme, which will support communities across South America, the Caribbean, West Africa and...

Rebecca Firth - 20 April, 2018

Benin and 7 other countries

Nethope Device Challenge - April Update!

Since January 2018, the Nethope grant communities have expanded to 16 communities, with plans to extend to a further 6 in the next 3...

Amelia Hunt - 19 April, 2018

Bangladesh and 8 other countries

Some Powerful Map Outputs From The Ugandan Refugee Response

Image: Waiting for Water - Long queues of Jerrycans at the dried-out borehole near BidiBidi Refugee Settlement

Rupert Allan - 14 April, 2018


Nethope Device Challenge reaches the Gambia

HOT are pleased to introduce our sixteenth Nethope Device Challenge grant to the YMCA in the Gambia. Initially, under the Nethope Device Grant, HOT...

Amelia Hunt - 14 April, 2018


HOT Summit at FOSS4G 2018 Updates

The time is quickly approaching! HOT Summit at FOSS4G 2018 is only 4 months away and we’re excited to see you and for you...

Rachel VanNice - 12 April, 2018


Mapping to support local NGOs in Kenya

As part of HOT’s mission to expand local mapping communities and ensure that HOT’s partners contribute to the sustainability of OpenStreetMap, our partner, Salesforce,...

Amelia Hunt - 12 April, 2018


Update on HOT’s Strategic Planning Process

Given the short-term nature of humanitarian funding and project-centered work, HOT has historically operated under relatively short-term, often one or two year planning cycles....

Tyler Radford - 10 April, 2018


OSM Quality Reporting: Malaria Prevention

Last year, The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team kicked off work to analyze OpenStreetMap (OSM) for the fight against malaria. Our goal is to provide organizations...

Alyssa Wright - 9 April, 2018


The Inaugral Data for Development Festival

From the 21st to 23rd March 2018 I was fortunate to attend and speak at the Data for Development Festival, the inaugural in-person gathering...

Geoffrey Kateregga - 8 April, 2018


World Health Day: The maps that are making the difference

In 1854 one map made medical history and changed the way we represent health data forever. The map, produced by John Snow, marked cholera...

Amelia Hunt - 7 April, 2018


Local Indonesia OSM Chapter teams up with HOT and Facebook to improve road coverage in Indonesia.

HOT has been mapping Indonesia for disaster preparedness and resiliency since 2011. However, there is still a lot of road network missing outside the major cities. Learn how the local community is working with Facebook to fill in the gaps using artificial intelligence tools.

Russell Deffner - 4 April, 2018


Empowering female mappers in Nigeria

Guest blog from LetGirlsMap, UniqueMappersTeam, Nigeria - Alooma Jennifer, Dike Chinecherem, Ebere Emmanuella

Amelia Hunt - 28 March, 2018


Update: Open Data Day in Mwanza, Tanzania

Guest Blog - Janet Chapman, Founder of Crowd2Map and Campaigns Manager Tanzania Development Trust

Amelia Hunt - 26 March, 2018