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Open Mapping Mentorship


Join the Open Mapping Mentorship!

The HOT Community Working Group initiated a Mentorship Program to provide peer to peer learning and knowledge exchange in the humanitarian and open mapping space.

The Program is also inspired by Angela Teyvi during her Community Working Group Ask Me Anything (AMA) Session in March 2022. Angela shared how mentorship has played a major role in her career development and capability in humanitarian open mapping. You can watch the recording here.

We built upon the knowledge and efforts of other mapping communities in conducting their mentorship program, most specifically Women+ in Geospatial (W+G) Mentorship Programme.

**The pilot program was initiated in 2022 and continued in 2023.

2022 Pilot Mentorship

In the pilot phase, the mentorship structure is peer mentorship. In peer mentorship, all members receive mentorship and are organized by a group facilitator who is already part of the group. The choice of this type of mentorship is to boost the interest, knowledge, and confidence of mentors to become great mentors for the next cohort of mentees.

2023 Mentorship Program: Building on the pilot mentorship program, we are proceeding

with a Mentor-mentee and group mentorship structure. Lessons, feedback, suggestions from the pilot will be heavily incorporated into this design.

Read more about it in the OSM Wiki.

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Peer Mentorship - Sharing Techniques and Inspirations

The Open Mapping Community Working Group is currently organizing the second round of its peer-to-peer mentorship program. To appreciate the value of this opportunity for members of the open mapping community, take a moment to read about the shared learnings of members of the first round.

Antonin Haas, Anuradha Rajanayake, Laxmi N Goparaju, Chisom Okwuchi, Charles Chilufya — 14 April, 2023

Programme de mentorat cartographie collaborative

La communauté OpenStreetMap, une communauté de communautés, est composée de nombreux cartographes et autres contributeurs répartis dans les communautés locales du monde entier. Le programme de mentorat du groupe de travail de la communauté OpenStreetMap peut aider à combler les écarts de compétences entre les communautés.

Tsongo Muluba Bienvenue — 9 December, 2022

Open Mapping Community Mentorship

The OpenStreetMap community, a community of communities, is made up of many mappers and other contributors spread out across local communities around the world. The Open Mapping Community Working Group Mentorship Program can help to close skill gaps in capability between communities.

Tsongo Muluba Bienvenue — 9 December, 2022

Mentoring a Community Through a Microgrant Application

As part of the most recent call for Facebook Community Impact Microgrant applications, HOT tried a new mentorship approach to supporting OpenStreetMap (OSM) community members through the application process.

Sophie Mower — 13 April, 2021