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Disaster Services — 02 February, 2022

Tropical Cyclone ANA-22 Size-up

Tropical Cyclone ANA-22 has been sized-up.


“Tropical Cyclone ANA-22 can have a medium humanitarian impact based on the maximum sustained wind speed, exposed population and vulnerability”


Size-up Details

Event Name:Tropical Cyclone for ANA-22
GDACS Alert Lvl:Orange (1.5)
Location: Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Madagascar, and Miscellaneous (French) Indian Ocean Islands
Geographic Scope: Region
Estimated Humanitarian Impact: Over 64, 300 people affected
Estimated Duration: Week(s) to Month(s)
Event Scope: Moderate
Local Contacts: HOT OSM Communities
Anticipated Needs: Possibly
Request(s): There are no requests from partners currently
Need for Activation: Possibly
Active Orgs: OSM Communities, Civil Protection Unit(Zimbabwe), Zimbabwe Redcross
Lead Orgs: OSM Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Malawi and Mozambique