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Disaster Services — 12 October, 2021

Tropical Cyclone PAMELA-21 Size-up

Tropical Cyclone PAMELA-21 has been sized-up.


“Tropical Cyclone PAMELA-21 can have a high humanitarian impact based on the maximum sustained wind speed, exposed population and vulnerability.”


Size-up Details

Event Name:PAMELA-21
Type ofEvent: Sudden Onset
Location: Mexico
Geographic Scope: Country
Estimated Humanitarian Impact:100 thousand in Category 1 or higher
Estimated Duration:days to Week(s)
Event Scope: Minor Anticipated Needs: Support to local communities
Local Contacts: There are no local point(s) of contact identified as of yet
Request(s): None Yet
HOT Current Capacity:YELLOW - Capacity may not be sufficient to manage response fully
Need for Activation:Unlikely