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Nicolas Chavent

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Espace OSM Francophone in Togo Day+4 - English version

The fourth day of this set up mission of the project Espace OSM Francophone in Togo is coming to its end.With the support of the Direction de la Francophonie Numérique (OIF-DFN) from Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie, members of the WoeLab Lomé of Africaine d'Architecture, Amadou Ndong of the project OpenStreetMap Sénégal deployed with me under the banner of HOT, we have been working to set up the OSM project in this country of Western Africa

28 June, 2013

Espace OSM Francophone au Togo à J+4

Le quatrième jour de cette mission de lancement du projet Espace OSM Francophone au Togo s'achève.Avec le soutien de la Direction de la Francophonie Numérique (OIF-DFN) de l'Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie, les membres du WoeLab Lomé de l'Africaine d'Architecture, Amadou Ndong du projet OpenStreetMap Sénégal déployé avec moi sous la bannière de HOT, nous travaillons à l'ancrage du projet OpenStreetMap dans ce pays de l'Afrique de l'Ouest.

28 June, 2013

Starting OSM in Cap-Haitien (Haiti)

Ten days that I am back in Haiti to start a new HOT project with USAID in the northern departments of the island with a mixed crew of hotties and Haitian mappers. Over the next three months, we will train 60 Youths from the communities and map with them as much of this region and eventually build there a strong OSM local group rooted in the University of Limonade.

3 April, 2013

A return to Chad three months after the set up of the EUROSHA mapping team

I just landed in Ndjamena (Chad) for HOT. I am joining again the team of mappers of the EUROSHA Chad project that I helped setting up their activities in N’Djamena and Goré last fall (October/ November – see blog post) in close coordination with ACRA and France Volontaires, HOT’s partners on this project. This is an interesting time for the EUROSHA project

1 February, 2013

Back to Senegal, Further Creating a Mapping Community

Augustin and I conducted HOT’s third deployment HOT to Senegal 24 November to 15 December, 2012. The main objective: set-up Augustin Doury for five months of volunteering to grow the OSM SN community and to improve the maps of the area. This initiative has been possible with the funding of Fondation de France (FDF) and our partnership with OpenStreetMap France.

9 January, 2013

Two weeks of field work within the EUROSHA Chad Project

Last night of hard work in the meeting room of the UNHCR in Gore (Southern Chad) debriefing the two weeks of field work. Tomorrow we head North to Ndjamena. I feel that this is the right time to share with you impressions and facts from those last intense and beautiful days. I'd like to start first with the vitality, the energy the EUROSHA project created. Especially that of the Team who had been engaged in the 4 days October training in Plaisians (France) at the premises of the Group URD. There is something simple, strong and beautiful in the way those 26 young individuals decided to volunteer 6 months of their lives. Their energy was communicative and worked as a fuel keeping us up to speed. It has an even a stronger effect when experienced during a deployment.

1 November, 2012

The OSM Project Senegal: joining Tech Camp Dakar 30-31 August 2012

I am starting a second short trip (28-August – 2-September) to Dakar where HOT has been invited to be part of the TechCamp organized these 30 and 31 August by the US Embassy to facilitate sessions around OpenStreetMap and mapping. We'd like here to thank the organizers for choosing HOT, our friends and partners from JokkoLabs – a co-working space in Dakar - who recommended HOT to the be part of the Camp, and finally, the Fondation de France and the Association OpenStreetMap France (OSM-FR) for their continued support. All made this second trip to Senegal possible.

28 August, 2012

Setting up the OSM ecosystem in Senegal 6: Building the humanitarian component

It’s finally time to mention the mapping party HOT and OCHA-ROWCA co-organized at the OCHA Office in Dakar the 30-May where we brought together UN IM/GIS from OCHA, World Food Program, UNICEF and ICRC, Karim Sy and Herman Koassy from JokkoLabs and HOT.

16 August, 2012

Setting up the OSM ecosystem in Senegal 3: Reaching out the Senegalese geomatics scene (Senegalese SDI)

With the support of the ICT Directorate and the Agence Informatique de l’Etat (ADIE), HOT and the Canadian Support Project of the Plan National Géomatique (PNG) held a one day workshop around OSM at the ADIE office on June 7th.

8 August, 2012

Setting up the OSM ecosystem in Senegal 1: Reaching out to GIS projects

We left Senegal a few weeks ago and finally digest the key elements from these 3 weeks that we are sharing below. We have...

31 July, 2012

HOT at Haiti Communitere

Since returning to Haiti in preparation of launching the Saint Marc mapping program with COSMHA, HOT has been staying at the Haiti Communitere (HC) Resourse Center. HC offers an open space, where organizations of many type are able to come to launch project within Haiti. They are very valuable to organizations such as HOT because they allow us to arrive and use this incredibly flexible support environment to get things started or in country.

25 January, 2012

A return to Haiti two years on

It is January 12th, 2012, 2 years after the quake, that I started my eighth trip to Haiti where HOT will partner with the...

12 January, 2012

Ivory Coast post electoral crisis

The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) activated as political tension increased dramatically in Ivory Coast in the aftermath of the presidential election this late December...

31 December, 2010

Fourth deploy of the HOT to Haiti: camp mapping project with IOM

It has been one week since Kate and I came back from Haiti where HOT deployed to grow OSM capacities within the Communication Unit...

8 September, 2010

Haiti mission 3 - A final mapping party in Carrefour (Port Au Prince) at The Base Navale Amiral Killic and ADRA.

The final day of HOT's third deployment to Haiti was no less busy than all the other days.  This training day did in a...

28 June, 2010

Haiti mission 3 - Jacmel and Leogane reports

The team left in a convoy formed by two pick-ups from the Shelter Cluster since the World Food Program (WFP) & the UN Logistics...

24 June, 2010

Haiti mission 3 - Training Day with Haitian partners of the project WINNER

Today, Guensmork and myself made our way to Petionville where the office of the Watershed Initiative For National Natural Environmental Resources (WINNER) project is...

18 June, 2010

Haiti mission 3 - Training Day with field workers of the Shelter Cluster organizations

Today was the first of the large scale trainings (25 individuals) of this mission delivered to field workers from the Shelter Cluster in LogBase....

16 June, 2010

Haiti mission 3 - First day in the UN logistics base in Port Au Prince

Kate and myself spent our first day in meetings to coordinate the activities planned for these 2 weeks with all UN actors in LogBase...

15 June, 2010

Third Deploy to Haiti of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team 14-29 June

Following 2 weeks of intense preparation, Kate Chapman and myself just got landed in Haiti to run the third deploy of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap...

15 June, 2010

Mission 1: recap from third week conducting outreach and training on OSM in Haiti by Nicolas

Back to base (Brittany, France) at the end of the third week of this OSM/HOT mission in Haiti of which you'll find the main...

17 April, 2010

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