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Humanitarian Mapping Brigade

The Humanitarian Mapping Brigade, led by HOT and the LAC Hub, efficiently maps high-risk areas in Latin America and the Caribbean. Comprising 31 skilled members from 12 countries, the brigade enhances emergency response through specialized, timely mapping efforts. Its goal is to provide reliable data for better disaster preparedness and to promote a robust culture of humanitarian mapping in the region.


The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) and the LAC Hub have launched the Humanitarian Mapping Brigade, a new community work model to strengthen humanitarian response in emergencies and prevention through mapping. This team will consist of up to 31 highly committed and technically advanced mappers who will map and validate critical Hub projects.

The Brigade will act under specific circumstances, deploying to support collaborative projects at risk of not meeting deadlines necessary for humanitarian response actors. It will focus not only on high-quality mapping but also on validation and the eventual training of local actors. Its main goal is to ensure the timely completion of projects to meet local needs, thus strengthening local capacity and promoting a culture of humanitarian mapping rooted in the region.

The Humanitarian Mapping Brigade project has made significant progress, refining its goals and working methods. At the end of 2023, a pilot phase was implemented with seven members of YouthMappers to complete projects during the First Risk Management Mapathon 2023 in Ecuador, managing to finish projects in just over a month. Subsequently, the team expanded to 31 members selected for their advanced experience in mapping on OpenStreetMap, participation in projects of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, and proficiency in the JOSM tool, covering the needs of all of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Brigade EN.jpg


Mapper selection for the humanitarian brigade prioritized individuals with extensive and proven experience in mapping within the OpenStreetMap platform. Active participation in projects backed by the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT), utilizing the Tasking Manager and other tools provided by the organization, was also highly valued.

In this selection, individuals who have demonstrated a strong interest in humanitarian mapping and are recognized as leaders in their respective countries were considered. While not a mandatory requirement, candidates with experience using the JOSM (Java OpenStreetMap Editor) were preferred, further enhancing their capability and versatility in humanitarian mapping.

This combination of skills and commitment ensures that the brigade comprises individuals who are highly trained and motivated to tackle humanitarian mapping tasks with efficiency and accuracy.


The Humanitarian Mapping Brigade consists of 31 mappers from 12 countries, as represented on the map:

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The members have successfully completed priority activations within the set deadlines, thereby reinforcing effective humanitarian support. This initiative has significantly improved emergency response and risk prevention capabilities by enhancing baseline cartographic capacity. Additionally, the mapping and validation cycle has been optimized, reducing time and effort, allowing for the production of high-quality mappings from the start and significantly improving the overall map quality by eliminating validation capacity deficiencies.

As of July 2024, the Brigade has contributed to:

  • 38 projects
  • 3,508 tasks mapped
  • 12,012 tasks validated
  • 33,659 buildings mapped
  • 183 km of roads mapped


The Brigade has contributed to better management and response in crisis situations, such as:


Names by Country


  • Juan Manuel Stagnaro


  • Gustavo Raldi Storck
  • Jaqueline Lima Amorim
  • Maria Dolores Reis do Nascimento
  • Raphael de Assis Jacinto e Silva
  • Túllio Morais Franca


  • Andrés Gómez Casanova
  • Carlos Andres Rios Franco
  • Johan Sebastian Agudelo Higuita
  • Luis Miguel Sánchez Zoque
  • Luis Sebastian Bravo Chacón


  • Kevin Armando Pilliza Pinto
  • Mishell Catucuamba

El Salvador:

  • Ronald Hernan Estrada del Rio


  • Jorge Alberto Aguirre Schaeuffler


  • Alejandro Salazar Méndez
  • Juan Ángel Barajas
  • Luis Alberto Robledo
  • Maya Camila Lovo Domínguez
  • Verónica Oviedo
  • Zeltzin Lorraine Palacios Rodríguez


  • Dianne Martínez Jarquín
  • Oscar Santiago Velásquez Muñoz
  • Yasmila Stephany Sáenz Herrera


  • Jorge Martín Cáceres López


  • Karito Kety Tenorio Palomino
  • Keen Ferrer Quispe Mamani
  • Ordzonhyd Rudyard Tarco Palomino
  • Pilar Gabriela Serrano Quispe

Dominican Republic:

  • Isabela Pichardo Velázquez

Trinidad and Tobago:

  • Caitlin Milne