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HOT Tech Product Suite

We develop open-source products to address ecosystem gaps in the use of geospatial technology in development and humanitarian projects, aiming for a world where everyone has access to the right technology to use open map data for social change. Our guiding principles, informed by HOT’s values and aligned with the Principles for Digital Development, act as a compass for HOT’s technology work.

living HOT’s values through tech

Put people first

We prioritize understanding human problems deeply before devising solutions, working closely with local mapping communities to grasp their unique challenges and environmental factors, including technical, cultural, legal, and political aspects.

Collaborate for impact

HOT collaborates globally to advance open geospatial tech for social good, engaging contributors through open groups, mentorship, and documentation to improve existing technologies.

Work in the open

All of our products are publicly accessible open source. We share our work through open collaboration channels, webinars, conferences, and open training sessions.

Build for inclusivity

Our aim is to enable EVERYONE to interact with our technology. We aim to lower the technical barrier so that everyone can participate.

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