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Open-source tool designed to support collaborative remote mapping activity in OpenStreetMap

What is it?

The HOT Tasking Manager is an open mapping tool that allows volunteers around the world to add data to OpenStreetMap (OSM)

OSM communities, humanitarian organizations, local governments and others use this tool to coordinate remote mapping efforts after disaster strikes and to build resilience. The purpose of the tool is to divide up a mapping project into smaller tasks that can be completed rapidly with many people working remotely in a coordinated manner.


  Mapping Coordination

The TM improves coordination for remote mapping by preventing duplicate mapping in the same location at the same time, ensuring speed and efficiency.

  Data Quality Assurance

The TM improves data quality by including a validation mechanism from experienced mappers, ensuring data completeness and accuracy.

  Data Accessibility

TM enables users to effortlessly access OSM data directly from the task project.

How does it work?

Tasking Manager allows multiple individuals to work simultaneously on the same overall area, enabling rapid completion of the project.

hrough the TM, organizations create projects in which a specific geographic region is divided into small mapping areas known as ‘tasks.’ These tasks can be assigned to a mapper to prevent others from mapping the same objects, introducing duplicate data, or encountering conflicts. Once the mapping is finished in a particular area, the mapper marks the ‘task’ as done. Mappers can then choose a new task to continue contributing to OSM in other projects and tasks.

Experienced mappers review each task to ensure the quality of the data added to OSM meets the required standards. They may either validate the task or return it to the mappers with guidance on how to enhance it.