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Next Generation HOT Export Tool - Version 3

Mhairi O'Hara

17 March, 2017


The HOT Export Tool allows users to create custom OpenStreetMap (OSM) exports for various regions, by specifying an area of interest and a list of features. Within minutes, up-to-date OSM data is extracted for the area and filtered based on the selected features before it is converted from the native PBF file into other data formats. The Export Tool is currently undergoing renewed development to provide the OSM community with a tool to meet their data extraction needs. Numerous feature enhancements have been requested and an overall update to the software will improve its performance.

Imagery released for Cyclone Enawo to support mapping activities

High-resolution satellite imagery from DigitalGlobe is now open and available for the Cyclone Enawo response. One week ago, the powerful cyclone made landfall on...

Nate Smith - 15 March, 2017


Celebrating International Women’s Day: HOT Empowers Women with ICT and Mapping Skills

Commemorating International Women’s Day, the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) Indonesia organized a mapping event, #WomenMap, using free and open-source mapping tools. The event was...

Biondi Sanda Sima - 13 March, 2017


Mapping for government inclusion and service delivery in Liberia

Liberia is the oldest Republic on the African continent and one of those that have gone through tough times across the continent including the...

David Luswata - 13 March, 2017


This International Women’s Day, show your support by mapping

Many of HOT’s projects and partners focus on improving outcomes for women and girls in the developing world. This work is done in support...

Rebecca Firth - 7 March, 2017


OSM Tasking Manager 3 Project Update #1

Development on the next major version of HOT's OSM Tasking Manager software is going strong. A lot has happened so let us catch up!...

Blake Girardot - 6 March, 2017


Malaria Mapping YouthMappers Challenge

HOT is managing a mapping project for malaria eradication across seven countries in Southern Africa, Southeast Asia and Central America. This project is part of the Missing Maps initiative and is backed by DigitalGlobe, the Clinton Health Access Initiative and the Gates Foundation. Our mission is to generate building data in OpenStreetMap for a total of over 500,000 square kilometers by April 2017. We are starting a YouthMappers competition for the project. Prizes will be given to the chapters that contribute the most quality data to this project.

Russell Deffner - 6 March, 2017


HOT Board and Chair Elections

HOT Community, in a few hours, we will open nominations for Board and Chair elections! These are the key governance roles for HOT Voting...

Mikel Maron - 1 March, 2017


WHY WOMEN IN MAPPING MATTERS - Mapping for women and girls

The 2017 International Women’s Day celebrations will be held under the theme "Be Bold for Change". It is against this background that every woman...

Gertrude (Trudy Hope) Namitala - 28 February, 2017


2017 Microgrants Programme in full swing - read our Q&A summary

  The 2017 Microgrants Programme is in full swing, with just under three weeks until the application deadline! We've summarised the questions we've received...

Rebecca Firth - 21 February, 2017


HOT Concludes City-wide Mapping Project in Surabaya: Key Results and Lessons Learned

As the city-wide mapping project in Surabaya is nearing completion, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) Indonesia reflects on some of its key achievements and lessons...

Biondi Sanda Sima - 20 February, 2017


2016 HOT by the Numbers

We've put together some of the 2016 highlights so you can see what we've been up to and the amazing impact of the HOT community!

Rachel VanNice - 17 February, 2017


Growing OpenAerialMap with Responsible Imagery

HOT is working to grow OpenAerialMap to be a long-lasting open imagery resource to OpenStreetMap and humanitarian communities. With new funding from the Humanitarian Innovation...

Nate Smith - 13 February, 2017


Kicking off the “Crowdsourcing Non-Camp Refugee Data” project

In January, we started work on a new mapping project in Uganda and Turkey. During this project, we will be mapping parts of Istanbul...

Paul Uithol - 6 February, 2017


HOT Microgrants Programme Launches

We're excited to launch the HOT Microgrants Program! Many OSM communities around the world are achieving amazing results on zero or near-zero budgets. HOT...

Rebecca Firth - 2 February, 2017


Making open imagery accessible: OpenAerialMap comes out of beta

Open satellite and aerial imagery can be difficult to find, access and use. For HOT and our humanitarian partners, open imagery has been critical...

Nate Smith - 31 January, 2017